How to paint lips?

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How to paint lips?

Lips are a very important tool in seducing men, and many women know how to make their lips more attractive, how to make men want to break a kiss from your lips. In this article we will talk about how to paint your lips, how to give them volume and seductiveness.

How to paint lips

  • As with any make-up, with lip make-up it is very important to apply a foundation under it: any moisturizer, it is better to use a cream for sensitive skin. Remove excess with a cloth.
  • Foundation cream is applied to the lips so that the lipstick lasts longer and lies smoother. In addition, you can not do without it if you want to adjust the shape of the lips.
  • Contour pencil. Many women have questions about this: why do we need an outline pencil, and how to paint lips with a pencil. The answer to the first question is simple, the contour pencil does not allow the lipstick to "blur", and with the help of it the lips acquire a clear contour. In addition, it is not replaceable to change the natural shape of your lips. And the answer to the second question you will learn below in this article.
  • Pomade.You can apply lipstick using any convenient tool for you, experts advise doing this with a special brush. Paint the lips from the center to the edges. Usually, the color is applied in two layers, each layer after application is blotted with a napkin.
  • Some makeup experts advise lightly powdered lips to give a dullness and increase the resistance of lipstick.

If you are still not very clear about how to paint your lips, the video in this article will help you with this - it’s easier to see once than read a hundred times.

How to paint your lips: the secrets

  • In make-up, emphasize either the lips or the eyes.
  • To enlarge or change the shape of the lips, at the stage of drawing the outline, draw it beyond the natural borders or give the lips the desired shape.
  • To create the effect of plump lips, in the final stage, apply a little shine to the center of the lower lip.
  • The volume of the lips can be given by using two shades of lipstick of the same color, while a darker shade is applied on the edges of the lips and shaded, and light in the center of the lips, then the borders of the tones are also shaded.
  • If you are the owner of plump lips, and you do not like it, then draw the contour of the lips of the already natural lips.
  • Light shades of lipstick increase lips, and dark visually narrow them.
  • Pick up the color of lipstick, taking into account the skin tone, hair and, of course, taking into account the dress.
  • The pencil should be the same color and tone with lipstick, or darker to tone.
  • If you use only gloss, then apply on the lips a contour pencil of a natural color, so the gloss will be better to lie, after applying the outline, blend it inside the lips.
  • Do not often use persistent lipstick or lipstick with the effect of tattoo, they dry lips and badly affect their appearance. Use them only at responsible events.

Many women, deciding on bright red lipstick, wonder how to paint their lips with red lipstick? Very simple, just like any other. Remember that in lip makeup, basically the result depends on how you draw the contour and how smoothly you paint over the lips. However, you should not abuse the red color, it’s far from everything, and sometimes the effect of its use is directly opposite to your expectations, and instead of spectacular, passionate lips, you will get a stupid and vulgar look.

Tips: how to paint lips with a pencil

  • The contour should be clear and smooth.
  • If you cannot make a smooth contour with lines, first make points close to each other, and then draw a line.
  • Draw a contour on the upper lip from center to edge.Or, first draw a V-shaped contour, and then bring the line to the corners of the lips. The lower lip is drawn with one movement from one corner to another.
  • If in your opinion the contour is very contrasting, then you can shade it with a brush or cotton swab.

Now you know how to properly lipstick lips and how to make beautiful lip makeup to highlight their beauty. Be beautiful, and you can easily conquer a man's heart.