How to paint eyes?

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How to paint eyes?

The main emphasis is placed on the eyes in the make-up (unless his “trick” is in large and bright lips). From the beauty of eye makeup depends on the attractiveness of the whole image of a woman as a whole, so everyone should learn the beautiful art of emphasizing the natural beauty of their eyes.

Let's take a closer look at how to properly paint the eyes, how and by which means of cosmetics to use, what are the features of eye makeup in color and how to achieve some popular effects in eye makeup.

How to paint eyes: general instructions

  1. Eyes need to prepare for the application of cosmetics. We must get rid of small wrinkles, irregularities and dark circles under the eyes. It should be applied under the eyes of three small droplets of the corrector and gently rub into the skin in the direction from the inner corner of the eye to the outside. Then apply a foundation for the eyes on the eyelid.
  2. Next you need to bring the upper and / or lower eyelid. To do this, you can use eyeliner, black, brown or colored pencils.Sometimes dark shadows are also suitable for liner. Below we look at how to properly use these cosmetics.
  3. Then you should put the shadow. Depending on how you apply them, you can change the shape of the eyes or achieve one or another visual effect: make almond-shaped eyes, “bring them together” or move them further away from each other, narrow or expand them. More on this talk below.
  4. Emphasize the shape of the eyebrows. To do this, put under them a little bright shadows and blend with your fingers. Eyebrows themselves, if necessary, should be tinted with a suitable eyebrow pencil (be sure to shade so that there are no sharp lines) or add thickness by applying suitable shadows.
  5. Comb and curl your eyelashes, you can also lightly powder them - this is a necessary preparation for applying mascara. After that, tint the eyes with mascara in two or three layers. Avoid excessive amounts of mascara - it looks artificial and unnatural.

How to paint eyes with eyeliner?

Eyeliner requires skillful hands and experience. If you have just bought your first eyeliner and hurry to do makeup, because there is little time before you leave, it is better to use a pencil, and then work with eyeliner in your free time.eyelinerThe bottom line is that eyeliner is a liquid product, and you need to apply it on the upper eyelid with smooth movements of the unwavering hand.

  • eyelinerSo that the hand does not shake (which is exactly the main cause of the curved lines), place the elbow on the table and, if necessary, hold the cheekbone or cheek so that the brush holds the liner as firmly and confidently as possible.
  • eyelinerMark the growth line of the eyelashes of the upper eyelid with small dots with equal intervals. It will help you: connecting the dots you can draw a beautiful line.
  • Connect the dots with slow, short, smooth strokes, then align the line. You can make it a little thicker to the outer corner of the eye.
  • eyelinerAdd a small arrow looking up. If you lengthen it a little, you can get the effect of cat eyes. Connect the tip of the arrow to the end of the eyeliner on the upper eyelid with a small natural line, forming a small triangle. Color it. After that, you can start applying mascara.

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How to paint eyes with a pencil?

Pencil use is easier than liner, moreover, they can paint not only the upper but also the lower eyelid.

  • pencilIn the upper eyelid, the pencil line is most often applied with one confident movement from the inner corner of the eye to the outer.In the lower eyelid (if you intend to use it in makeup), it is better to apply a thin line from the middle of the century to the outer edge. It is important to determine the correct line: it should not go along the mucous membrane of the eyelid, but it should not go beyond the growth of eyelashes - both of these options are unsuccessful. Be sure to stick to the lash line.
  • If you have not very big round eyes, then the line on the upper eyelid can be drawn from the middle of the century to the outer edge.
  • Make sure that the line is not too sharp and rough - it looks ugly and vulgar, and therefore, if necessary, shade the pencil line with shadows.
  • With a pencil it is very convenient to draw various arrows. Just continue the line on the upper eyelid slightly up (make sure that the arrow does not turn out to be too thick, and for this you need to use a well-sharpened pencil). If you also bring the lower eyelid, then a light line after drawing the arrow will connect the upper line with the lower corner of the eye.
  • For the classical form of the eye - almond-shaped - no additional correction is required, so you can limit yourself to the eyeliner completely from the upper eyelid and the middle of the lower eyelid or not at all.
  • If you have narrow or small eyes, you should avoid full eyeliner, especially with dark pencils, - from this eyes will seem even less.
  • If the eyes are slightly bulging, they should be summed up with a pencil that is darker in hue than the shadows used. Use thin arrows on the upper and lower eyelids.
  • A pencil eyeliner from the middle of the upper eyelid with a thin arrow, as well as dark shadows in the outer corner of the upper eyelid, will help to give a more classical shape to round eyes.
  • For close-set eyes, make eyeliner only on the last third of the upper eyelid from the outer corner of the eye.
  • With wide-set eyes, completely lower the lower eyelid.

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How to paint eyes with shadows?

Shadows are able to emphasize the natural tint of the eyes, give mysteriousness and softness to the eyes, and also correct their shape.

  • Most often, three-color eye shadows are used in the makeup - three shades of the same color of different depth and intensity. The lightest is applied to the inner corner of the eye, the middle shade is applied over the entire upper eyelid, and the outer corner of the eye is colored with the darkest, slightly going beyond its limits.It is important that there are no sharp boundaries between shades, so they need to be shaded - the colors should smoothly flow into each other.
  • For close-set, as well as round eyes, the outer corner of the eye should be especially highlighted with dark shadows.
  • Avoid using bright shades on the backbone, unless it is a special makeup for a photo shoot or, say, a carnival.
  • It is very important to correctly determine for yourself the suitable colors of the shadows, which depend on the color of the eyes. Below we will talk about how to choose the right shades.

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The choice of cosmetics, depending on the color of the eyes

eye colorThe same color can, for example, beautify brown eyes and completely do not go up to blue eyes. Be sure to determine for themselves the appropriate color of the shadows, pencils and eyeliners.

This table will help to determine the desired colors (generalized scheme).

Makeup color / eye color Shadows Pencil Eyeliner Mascara Blue eyes Green eyes Brown eyes

Pale pink, silver, purple, gold, silver, turquoise, dark blue, brick, charcoal.

Blue, brown, gold. Coal gray, dark chocolate, purple. Blue, gray, brown, black.
Bronze, copper, purple, green, peach, hot pink. Green, brown, gold. Black, dark brown, purple. Dark brown, black.
Blue, metallic, purple, green, golden, peach. Black, blue, light shades. The black; dark brown; dark grey; purple. Green, dark brown, black.

Eye makeup depending on the situation

  • During the day, you need to strive for naturalness, so choose not very bright and not too dark shades for eye makeup. In the evening, you can afford darker colors and brighter lines.
  • Be sure to also pay attention to the situation for which you are doing makeup. In school / school or work it is better to do a light makeup that emphasizes natural beauty and adds a little bit of color. Shadows with sparkles, bright colored mascaras and unusual makeup are best left for parties and discos.
  • Before you apply any fashionable makeup that you have not used before, practice it at home to see if it suits you at all and what to do.