How to originally congratulate?

To make the holiday memorable for a long time, when preparing for a significant date, show all your ingenuity. After all, it is important not only to get an unusual gift, but also to figure out how to congratulate the original hero of the occasion.

Gift Choice

The gift symbolizes your attitude towards the person you are going to congratulate. If you are well acquainted with him, then try to take into account his tastes and interests. Knowing that original and unusual things bring more joy than expensive and standard gifts, include your imagination.

The gift created by own hands is valuable because the donor invests in it not only his work, but also his soul. Making a gift yourself is the best way to originally congratulate your loved ones. It is not necessary to be able to make something, knit or embroider. Know how to cook - make and festively decorate the dish, draw a good idea - try to draw a portrait of the hero of the occasion (or his beloved dog, car, workplace). Fashionable and original gift will be a poster depicting the genealogical tree of a person close to you.

Is there any fantasy, is there any talent? Collect photos and make a great humorous (if a person perceives humor) or a laudatory wall newspaper, signing each picture in an original way. Know how to write poetry - write a small poem. A photo film of family photographs from different years, which is easy to do with a simple computer program, will be an unusual gift for a wedding anniversary, as well as one of the ways to originally congratulate a elderly person on his anniversary. Such a “cinema” will be happy graduates and employees of companies.

Universal gifts for all occasions can be "funny horrors" and "cool" toys from special stores. An original will be a gift that relates to the favorite hobby of the person presented - a fishing pole, a billiard cue, a kite. Another unusual and pleasant gift, especially for a woman, will be a ticket to a good performance or a concert of your favorite artist, a visit to a beauty or massage salon. For a man, it will be a joy to attend a sports event or gym.

How to hand?

Any gift must be able to present so as to please the one to whom it is intended. Therefore, the original way to congratulate is personal toasts and wishes, beautiful decoration of the gift, unusual ways of presenting it.

A gift can not only be wrapped in beautiful paper or a bright box, but also decorated in the form of some kind of animal, car, house. Try to glue the packaging with scotch tape with candy, money, flowers. By the way, please note that not everyone is happy about unpacking several differently sized boxes in order to get a souvenir from the tiniest box inside.

The hero of the occasion can receive a gift from the hands of the giver, but it is more fun to find it according to the scheme drawn in the map for treasure hunters. Small souvenirs are hidden in a tight bag and guessed to the touch, which causes a lot of positive emotions. As always, the original placement of surprises in a large bouquet of flowers, in cakes or inside inflated balloons.

Original nominal greetings in verse form and humorous toasts are also an important component of the celebration. You can use the service of mobile operators for congratulations voicesfamous actors or politicians. Chastooshkas and popular songs remade on the theme of celebration are long remembered.

Possible mistakes in the pursuit of originality

Even if you really want to make the most original gift, never present:

  • spirits woman;
  • flowers for a man, with the exception of a boss, a teacher, a beloved father or grandfather, as well as anniversaries;
  • linen and bedding, other personal belongings to unfamiliar people;
  • your portraits and photographs, if you have not been asked for it;
  • animals;
  • sex toys.

Money is given only at the preliminary request of the hero of the occasion or to those people who need material support - newlyweds, new settlers. According to folk signs, it is not customary to give sharp objects in order not to quarrel, and handkerchiefs are a sign of separation and tears.

And it will be completely unoriginal to embarrass all the guests and the host of the evening, constantly recalling the unusualness and sophistication of his gift or congratulations, his high prices or difficulties associated with its manufacture or purchase.The main thing is not to forget that you are one of the guests, and not the hero of the occasion. Otherwise, everyone will remember not the original greeting, but your indiscreet behavior.