How to organize a barbecue area: tips

Spring is the time for a barbecue in the fresh air. Woman`s Day and director of interior design development for Crate and Barrel Svetlana Buerakova tell us how to organize a grill party and what to pay attention to in the first place.
How to choose the right grill
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Choosing a grill

Obviously, it all starts with grilling. Yes, yes, if you called your friends on a barbecue, then you can't do without this device. Outside the city, you can install a stationary grill, but for picnic trips you will need a portable option - it will take not so much space in the car and at the same time please with the taste of the dishes prepared on it.

Also worth stockpile shockproof dishes. We advise you to choose galvanized or melamine plates and acrylic glasses: they will survive not only a possible fall to the ground, but also unpredictable weather. In addition, giving up disposable dishes, you contribute to the care of the ecology of our planet. Now you can easily find a stylish shock-resistant dishes that will last a long time and will not require special care.