How to open the attic

To install the antenna, it is not necessary to climb on the roof itself. Contact a licensed company. As a rule, such enterprises have an agreement with public utilities, and it will be possible to get into the roof through the attic without any problems.
Helpful advice
The owner of the apartment can get the right to the attic room, if it does not have engineering equipment. It does not matter what floor a person lives on. In an apartment building, these premises belong to all apartment owners on the basis of common shared ownership. The decision to transfer the premises to one of the owners for the device there, for example, the attic should be made by the general meeting by a majority of 2/3 of the votes. Such an opportunity is only for apartment owners in houses where reconstruction is not planned. In this case, there should be a technical possibility to re-arrange the attic. You can get it for free use or for rent.The keys to the room, of course, will be yours.