How to open a pharmacy?

If you are reading this article, then you probably had a cry from the heart, which repeated: “I want to open a pharmacy!”. This article will help translate dreams into reality.

Traditionally, the pharmacy business in our country (and not only in ours) is considered to be a family business. But time goes on and everything changes: the picture of modern pharmaceutical networks shows us that, in fact, this industry has long been crammed and filled with private entrepreneurs, who are very successful, by the way. And here comes the thought: how to open a pharmacy and start earning it? This is what the article will be about.

First steps to open a pharmacy

At first glance it may seem that pharmacies can not bring large income. But this opinion is superficial, and this situation is peculiar only to single pharmacies. In general, all pharmacy organizations can be divided into classes:

  • Pharmacies;
  • Pharmacy points;
  • Pharmacy kiosks;
  • Pharmacy stores.

There are also enterprises engaged in the direct manufacture of medicines according to the appropriate prescriptions from doctors.This distinguishes them from the above types of pharmacies, because all of them are engaged only in the sale of finished products.

They differ among themselves only in the scale of the organizations, and also, respectively, in the list of services provided and the medicines dispensed. Oh yes, it is worth noting that the regulatory requirements for your pharmacy will increase in direct proportion to the size of the business.


Let's just figure out how much it costs to open a pharmacy. And not only in the money business - after all, the list of what is needed to open a pharmacy is quite extensive and will not fit on a napkin. Regarding the cost of your future pharmacy - we will not give exact figures, because the difference in price for various items required in different regions is significant. You can draw conclusions based on the list of required and finding out the specific price in your planned location of the opening of the pharmacy.

You will need a room. The room is not small, following the regulations (and the laws of the Russian Federation), at least 75 square meters. What does the classic pharmacy include? Following the same mandatory regulations, this area should be placed:

  • Industrial premises (60 sq.meters) - directly trading hall, warehouse, premises for receiving and unpacking the goods.
  • Administrative and business premises (13 sq. Meters) - here it is necessary to locate the workplace of the management (accountant and director), staff premises, archive of documents.
  • Sanitary facilities (2 sq. Meters) - lavatory and place for storage of inventory of cleaners.

As you can see, in such a pharmacy will be cramped. Therefore, the minimum area is not a panacea - you need something more. It is impossible to expand by reducing the area of ​​the production premises of the same trading hall, the regulation. Your pharmacy will simply be closed after several re-checks and accompanying fines.

The first difficulties on the road to discovery

Of course, opening a pharmacy is not so easy. After all, in addition to tricks with the floor space, you have to equip them properly: all rooms must be equipped with water supply, electricity, heating, sewage and, importantly, supply and exhaust ventilation. Mandatory instruments for monitoring the parameters of the air, fire, light-sound and security alarms - all this will cost you a lot of money.Another requirement is that the pharmacy should be separated from other organizations; All rooms should be combined into one unit.

Before opening a pharmacy, you need to make sure that the premises have been properly repaired. Ceilings and walls should be finished only with materials that allow the possibility of wet cleaning in the premises. Of course, there should be no wallpaper or plaster on the walls. The floors of the rooms must be warmed. On the floor - linoleum or unglazed tiles, the third, as they say, is not given.

Issue price

You've probably already figured out how much it costs to open a pharmacy. Only the proper decoration of premises will cost several thousand dollars. But you will also need special equipment - refrigerators, cabinets, safes for hazardous / narcotic substances. And this is also not cheap - for the average pharmacy, the amount for the equipment will be about 6 thousand dollars.

And this is still without taking into account the price of purchasing goods, wages, all sorts of small expenses (signboard, commissions, paperwork)!

Another obstacle in the way of opening a pharmacy is the organization of the enterprise itself.Even if you already have enough money to cover all expenses (premises, goods, future salaries), you will first have to perform a series of actions. First of all, you need to get a "pharmacy passport". Then you need a license to trade in medical products. And the staff at the pharmacy is not as easy to pick up as it seems. It is necessary to take into account that all employees, except nurses (cleaners), are required to have a pharmaceutical education. In addition, the management of your organization will carry out a special employee - pharmacist. He must have a certificate of specialist and work experience of at least 3 years. As for the selection of the manager - this is a responsible task, because he will draw up the range of your company, and therefore dispose of your funds.

City or village

As you can see, there is not much difference between how to open a pharmacy in a village or in a city. It is important to understand that it is punishable and not feasible to open a pharmacy without following the rules. In general, the pharmacy business is very promising and can generate substantial income with the right development strategy.