How to open a car without a key?

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How to open a car without a key?

Imagine the situation, you are far from the city and from civilization, stopped on the road, got out of the car, for whatever your business, the car keys in the ignition lock, and took the door and slammed, you can't get into the car, what then?

Many drivers are familiar with this situation when it is necessary to open the door of a car without a key. When you are faced with such a problem far from home, where there is no electric drill or other tools, you need to use the objects at hand. Do everything in stages:

  • To get started, stop being nervous. Look around and look for a hard wire or welding electrode, even a thin knitting needle will do. If you find an electrode, break its working part so that you have wire.
  • Go to the driver's door and pull out the glass seal, which is located above the door handle.
  • Bend the wire so that its ends form an angle of 90 degrees, and one of its parts is approximately 20 mm. So you get the hook.This wire must be inserted into the gap, where there is no seal, improvised hook down. The long part of the wire should be positioned so that it is parallel to the lock piece, and the end of this hook should be set parallel to the gap so that it points in the direction of the rear door of the car.
  • Pull down the wire. When it reaches the lock, move it to the left by 30 mm, and then lower it down another 30 mm. After that, the wire must be directed to the right by the same 30 mm to pry the lock. Pulling the wire up, you open the door of his car.

When you open the car in this way, remember:

  • It is necessary to take into account the model of the machine and to push it away from it in the length of the wire and the deviation to search for the lock.
  • The wire must be strong enough and withstand a force of at least a kilogram of 6-7. Otherwise, it will simply accelerate, and you will have to start everything from the very beginning.

Rough methods

There are many other ways how to open a car without a key. For example, using a drill. This method is not used by car thieves, because it is very loud. It is necessary to drill out the lock of the lock.This method will require replacement of all the larvae, because for each door you will have a different key. If there is a dummy at hand that looks like a key, then simply move it with a strong enough movement into the lock cylinder, and then scroll through it. So you can open the doors of your car. Here the main efforts are made in scrolling blanks.

central locking

There are several options to open the car’s door without a key if the battery is dead, and the car cannot be opened using the central lock. Here are some of the ways to open doors:

  • Get to the cable from the hood lock. Most often it goes from the hood to the left wing and ends in the passenger compartment. The main point is that you have to pick up this cable with wire from the left headlight and sharply pull - the lock is open.
  • Supply extra electricity from another battery. Here it is necessary to put the battery near the car, put one of the wires of the cigarette lighter on the negative battery, and the second to the plus. With the second wire, you need to climb under the car and connect it to the plus starter. At this point, another person opens the machine in order not to interrupt the flow of electricity.


How to open the car without a key using a kitchen spatula? Here you should perform the following actions:

  • Place the kitchen spatula between the driver's door (upper part) and the central pillar. A little lower set the second paddle.
  • Carefully peel the door with the paddles so that a small gap appears. Blades made of wood will not harm the paintwork of your car body.
  • Take a piece of cardboard, bend it in half and stick it in the slot that has formed.
  • In the fold of the cardboard you need to push a long steel wire. If this is not, then take the usual.
  • Now you have the opportunity to reach the power window button (if the car is running) or the central locking button of the car.

Wooden wedge

There is a way to open a car’s doors using a wooden wedge. You need to find a wedge of wood, 20 cm long and about 3 cm thick at the base. You will also need a meter-long hook with a hook at the end. Now you can perform a phased work:

  • Bend the top edge of the car door. Carefully drive a wedge between the pillar and the top corner of the door frame. So you get a gap of about 3 cm.
  • Enter the bar into the slot and turn the lock of your door with a hook.
  • Remember that it is necessary to drive a wedge with maximum caution, gently tapping it with your fist.

Of course, there is the last way to easily open your car without keys. If you find yourself in an emergency situation or in the city where there are no available means for opening the castle, then this option is for you. It is necessary to break the glass. But it is worth remembering that still need to get to your destination. And if you are accompanied by bad weather, frost or rain, it is best to choose the glass in the right rear door. But do not try to break the glass of your car with your fist. Find a hammer, a metal part, or a sharp stone.

Now many drivers know many ways to open a car without a key. Videos that are posted on the Internet will help to more thoroughly understand this issue. Before you use the methods of opening locks in practice, watch the videos that will help the theory to become a reality. Then practice it on your car model.Only after that it is worth testing the methods of opening a car door without a key, if, of course, such a situation arises with you!