How to muffle a toothache

You will need
  • Painkillers, lard, ice, propolis, garlic, onion, salt, dry herbs, essential oil.
If there were no pills on hand, use the tips of traditional medicine. Attach a slice of lard onpainPlace between cheek and gum, hold for 10-15 minutes. As an option, onpainNoah tooth, you can try to attach a piece of red beet or propolis (bee glue). For the same purpose fit pieces of ice. They need to be absorbed and applied topainNoah cheek.
Using a patch or bandage, fasten the sliced ​​clove of garlic on your hand in the wrist area. IfpainNoah tooth is located on the right, hang garlic on your left hand, and vice versa. There is another similar way: from the side where the tooth aches, put the root of the plantain in the ear. It takes about an hour to achieve the desired effect.
Prepare a herbal extract of one of the herbs of your choice: sage, peppermint, calendula, lemon balm. To do this, take a tablespoon of dry chopped herbs and pour a glass of boiling water. When the infusion is infused, strain it and hold it in the mouth nearpaintooth tooth.The frequency of this rinse - at least 5 times within half an hour.
If dentalpaincaused by the carious cavity, put a mixture of equal parts of chopped onion, garlic and salt into it. Close the cavity of the tooth with a cotton swab.
Try to removepainwith the massage of the upper edge and the earlobe, located on the sidepaintooth tooth. The duration of this massage should be 5-7 minutes.