How to masturbate a guy and a girl

Almost everyone does masturbation, but at the same time, almost no one admits this. More recently, it was a shame to say such things in the ear, besides it was believed that in the 19th century it was the cause of many serious diseases. But this is not the case, masturbation is completely safe for health, and at the same time it helps to effectively relieve accumulated sexual tension or to achieve new accomplishments in intimate relationships with a sexual partner. In this article we will talk abouthow to masturbate guys andfor girls. As an addition to sex, you can use posture 69, if you have a partner.

How to masturbate a guy and a girl

First you need to get rid of guilt.

In order to get the highest pleasure from the process of masturbation, it is necessary to try to completely get rid of the feeling of guilt. Try to completely relax and tune in to get incredible pleasure and pleasure, you need to try to turn masturbation into a real holiday, not a process for which you have to hate yourself.

How to masturbate properly

Feel your body

How to masturbate a guy and a girl

You have to imagine that your body is one big and sensual erogenous zone. You should not immediately begin to stimulate your genitals - first stroke the breast, caress the thighs and buttocks area (these affectiones will appeal to both women and men), thanks to this the final release of hormones will greatly increase, thanks to which the orgasm will be much longer and brighter, see the article how to bring a girl to orgasm.


Give yourself a fantasy


Everyone has their sexual fantasies, and thanks to proper masturbation, you can bring them to life. Thanks to the game of your imagination, you will get an unforgettable pleasure, unlike the one that would be from simple stimulation of the genitals.


View erotica


As an extra help yourself can view the relevant literature or video. But do not be ashamed of this, because it is quite normal and will help you get excited faster. But with this you need to be careful and not to get involved too much, because there is a risk to get very involved in eroticism, which will further prevent the generation of arousal from your real sexual partner.


How to masturbate a woman



In this area, there are much more opportunities for women, while the simplest is stimulation of the clitoris. This process can be combined with the simultaneous stimulation of the vagina with the use of an oblong object or a vibrator (this directly depends on the woman's imagination). Do not be afraid of experiments - you can try to combine vaginal and anal stimulation, but in this case, you must be very careful. It is very important to remember that the vagina has a very sensitive microflora, so before you start introducing various items there, you should wash them thoroughly, and it would be much better if you put a condom on them.


Sophisticated masturbation technique


To rekindle your sexual fantasy you do not have to start using a variety of complex mechanisms (vibrators with a very complex structure or vacuum pumps). First you need to fully recognize your body and find the main erogenous zones, with time you will understand how best to indulge yourself. You can get a very pleasant feeling by stimulating the clitoris with a stream of water.And it is better not to learn how to masturbate girls and women, but to find a suitable partner for sex

How to masturbate a guy, a man

Men need to use special lubricants and creams during masturbation, through which you can get the most natural sensations.

How to masturbate a guy and a girl

Masturbation is a good way to explore your sexual reactions, discover and understand the nature of your own sexuality. Retire to a warm and cozy room. Get undressed and lie on the bed. First, relax and try not to think about anything else.

Start gently caress your body. Stroke the torso, arms and legs with your fingers. Try not to touch the genitals, bypassing them in a circular motion. Unleash your imagination.

Try a variety of touches and strokes. When you reach sexual arousal, go to the genitals. Start with the testicles and perineum. For better glide, use heated massage oil.

Fully aroused, start masturbating, either with your hands or rhythmically rub on the bed. Focus on those places, the stimulation of which gives you the greatest pleasure.Lower your consciousness into the power of your sexual fantasies.

Approaching an orgasm, raise and lower your pelvis, rhythmically swinging them side to side, thereby imitating sexual intercourse. Breathe freely, deeply and often. Even if you are not used to expressing your emotions in a voice, do not hesitate to moan and scream during orgasm.

You should not hide from your sexual partner that you sometimes succumb to this little prank, and it will also help to significantly diversify your sex life.