How to make waffles?

For many, the word “waffles” first comes to mind pale and thin, like rice paper, store cookies, and sometimes it doesn’t taste much different from this paper. But fresh, crunchy, temptingly smelling waffles, cooked in the home kitchen, is a completely different product. Try to cook them yourself at least once and your household will begin to demand them to the table daily. In addition, homemade waffles are an excellent way out for a good housewife in a situation where an unexpected guest is on the doorstep, and unfortunately absolute emptiness reigns in the fridge. In ten minutes you can quickly knead the dough, and after half an hour you can treat the guest with hot tea with fresh waffles. As a result, your reputation has been saved, the guest has been tasty fed and everyone is happy with everything, only there is one small “but” - you do not know how to make waffles, and you have never done it before. Then our advice will be as you can to the article.

Cooking waffles at home is easy. The only prerequisite is that you first need to get an electric waffle machine; you cannot do without it. For it is technically impossible to cook waffles on the stove or in the oven.All wafers can be divided into two types: thin crispy and soft thick. For each type of waffle is a separate waffle iron. They differ in the size of the heating plates and the size of the cells. First we will tell you how to make waffles in a waffle iron with small cells - thin and crispy.

Thin Waffles Recipe

  • Mix at low speed 4 eggs and one cup of sugar with a mixer.
  • Add a bag of vanilla sugar and a pack (200 gr.) Of softened good creamy margarine.
  • Then we take a glass and a quarter of pre-sifted flour and slowly pour it into the dough, without stopping the kneading. At the end add a pinch of salt and half a teaspoon of soda, slaked with vinegar. It should make the dough like pancakes.
  • We pre-lubricate the waffle iron with vegetable oil and heat it well. We spread a tablespoon of dough in the center of the mold, press it properly with the upper part of the mold, count to forty, and the waffle is ready. Baking time may vary somewhat, determine it empirically by yourself.
  • Gently hook the wafer with a spatula and remove on a dish.While the pastry is hot, it is very soft and you can easily roll it into a straw or a horn if you wish. After cooling, the waffle will become crumbly and crunchy. This recipe is very good and waffles for it are obtained from all the first time.

How to make dough for waffles thick and soft, I would like to tell you in the next wonderful recipe. It will be about the famous "Liege corrugations."

Recipe for Liege waffles

  • One and a half teaspoons of dry yeast is dissolved in 50 ml. warm milk and leave them to rise.
  • Beat two eggs well and add a pinch of salt to them half a glass of milk.
  • In a large bowl, grind 400 grams. flour with a pack of softened butter. Add the same yeast and milk-egg mixture. Knead with a wooden spoon. Add 150 gr. Coarse sugar, If there is no such sugar in the house, try coarsely detail cubes of refined sugar. Finally mix and leave under the film for half an hour to lift.
  • The dough should turn out pretty sticky. Therefore, it is more convenient to butcher it with oiled hands. Divide the dough into twelve pieces, roll each into a ball, and roll in large sugar.
  • Alternately, bake our cones in a special waffle iron with large cells.

We talked about how you can cook waffles quickly and, most importantly, deliciously. Bon Appetit!