How to make starch?

Anna Mikhailova
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How to make starch?

Starch is added to a variety of dishes and not necessarily buy it in the store. It is quite possible to make starch at home, especially since it does not take much time to cook, but only 30 minutes.

Cooking starch from potatoes

For the preparation of starch will go ordinary potatoes. You can even use sub-standard: small potatoes, damaged and frost-bitten. If you have old shriveled tubers, they will also fit in the starch. It should be noted that to obtain 1 - 1.5 kg of starch will leave 1 bucket of potatoes. Before you make the starch from the potato tubers should be washed in cold water, cut out the damaged and rotten places. Then they need to grind grated. Only it is necessary to constantly water it. Thus, all rubbed, the pulp will accumulate in the water. If you have a juicer or meat grinder, you can chop the potatoes with it. Only then in the resulting mass should be added cold water in a ratio of 1 to 1.

After the whole potato has been crushed, it should be immediately filtered, simply by filtering the mass through a frequent sieve, or doubled gauze into a wide enamel pan. Also for this purpose, suitable rare fabric. After that, everything should be infused, until all the starch settles to the bottom. Then you will need to drain and pour clean, and again to give the starch to settle. This procedure must be repeated until you get pure starch. The resulting raw starch should be squeezed from water and scattered on paper or thin plywood and dried in a warm oven at a temperature not exceeding 40 degrees. If the temperature is higher, the starch will turn into a paste. If you do not urgently need starch, then it can be completely dried in a warm place. As a rule, the dryness of the starch can be determined by touch. When it dries, you need to roll it with a rolling pin or grind it, then it will become crumbly. You should know that starch, cooked at home, will have a yellow tint. But this is not surprising, since the product, made in the factory, has a similar shade, but to give it a marketable appearance it is slightly blue.

Cooking liquid starch

Many people do not know how to make liquid starch, meanwhile it is very simple.We need to take some cold water and dilute the starch in it. It will take only a few minutes. Now you know how to make starch and will indulge your loved ones with dishes and desserts that will become even tastier.