How to make slopes?

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How to make slopes?

Today, plastic windows and doors have become an indispensable part of our daily lives. But it is worth remembering that the installation of windows is only half the battle, since the most difficult thing is the installation of slopes is still ahead. What are slopes? Slopes - a small distance between the wall and the window, that is, the window opening. They can be both internal and external. Consider the procedure for how to make slopes on the windows

Many believe that if the window is installed and insulated with foam, then it has good insulation. However, this is absolutely not the case, because the foam absorbs moisture very well. To protect it from the negative effects of the environment, be sure to make slopes, which will also serve as an excellent sound insulator for the room. But for this you need to install them correctly and from quality materials. To know how to make slopes, it is not necessary to be a master builder, you can simply take responsibility for the matter.

Why most often choose plastic slopes?

There are several materials for the construction of slopes on the windows and doors. The first type is plaster slopes. Unfortunately, they have far more disadvantages than advantages. After some time after installation, the plaster begins to crack and fall apart, under the influence of direct sunlight the color fades. What shakes the time of manufacture of such slopes, it is inconvenient to perform them, since the plaster is applied in several layers, and each layer must be fixed and resist a certain time. Therefore, the installation of such slopes can reach several days.

The second type of slopes - plasterboard. They are much more durable than plastering, and if they are additionally warmed with wool, they will also have insulating properties. Therefore, before considering how to make slopes of plasterboard, it is worth considering that this work can be done only by professional craftsmen. Terms of manufacturing such slopes are also high, so the best material for the slopes is plastic.

Plastic slopes are very practical, quickly installed, do not fade in the sun and serve for many years.To know how to make plastic slopes, it is important to remember that plastic can last an average of 15-20 years, depending on the accuracy of use. For greater thermal insulation, mineral wool is added to the slopes. It also prevents windows from misting over. Plastic slopes will be able to install independently by any man who will study the technology of installing slopes in detail.

Materials and tools

To install plastic slopes you will need the following tools:

  • plastic six-meter strip, whose thickness is 8 mm;
  • starting lane;
  • F-shaped plastic strip;
  • wooden lath having a thickness of 10-15 mm;
  • level;
  • staples; stapler;
  • drill or hammer drill;
  • insulation (mineral wool);
  • knife and scissors for metal;
  • a set of screws 95 mm;
  • a set of screws 4.5 mm;
  • white silicone.

Installation of slopes

Now, step by step, consider how to install slopes. First, we fill wooden slats along the entire perimeter of the installed slopes, then fix them with 95 mm self-tapping screws. It is desirable that the slats do not protrude beyond the wall. By means of the perforator we fasten these slats to the wall.We do this carefully, as the main condition for fastening slopes is a perfectly even mounting rail. You can achieve this by using the level. This procedure creates an emphasis plastic and gives it hardness.

The next step is to tamp the start strip on the outer edge of the window. This is done using small screws. A right and left vertical and upper horizontal are outlined with a pencil using a level, after which a strip is packed in even stripes. A strip of plastic will be inserted exactly in this groove. This ends the “dirty” work in installing slopes.

Now we fill the plastic F-shaped strip. First of all, we cut it neatly. Correctly measure the distance equal to the height of the slope. The rest of the divide in half. After the strip is full, there will be a small overlap, which at the end of all work is eliminated with the help of metal shears.

The next task is to mount this strip. This is done using a stapler. Only one of the parallel strips will be attached, because plastic will only be inserted in this space.

The last step is the direct installation of plastic and its insulation. The plastic is inserted into the far section of the slope, cotton is put under the bottom, and only after that the plastic is fixed in F-ke. Plastic needs to be measured with increased accuracy. Thus, in addition to the slopes, an environment is created that perfectly preserves the foam concrete.

Such is the technology of installing slopes on the windows. In order to understand how to make the slopes on the doors, simply change the material on the tree or plastic imitating wood and everything. The technology of mounting slopes on the doors is similar to making slopes on windows. Also important here is accuracy and accuracy and all. You can consult with specialists to find out all the nuances arising in the process of how to make the slopes, the video on the Internet will also help you with this.

Remember that not every master is a professional, so the installation of slopes on an expensive plastic window or a company door should not be trusted to anyone. Self-installation will give you not only additional experience, but also a guarantee of quality, especially since this process is quite simple.