How to make glare in photoshop

We open the document with our ringlet, it is better to choose a small size, 100x100 pixels is enough for us. Create a new layer and give it the name "Flare3". Set the main color to light yellow. Select "Mirror Gradient" and draw them around the layer.
Now the resulting highlight needs to be blurred by gaus. Select the radius of the blur to give a value of 4 pixels. Select the blending mode and lower the opacity to 55%.
Copy our layer by dragging it onto the “Create a new layer” button and give the new layer the name “Flare2”. We reflect our highlight horizontally by selecting Edit -> Transform.
Make active «Flare1» and select the outer part of the ring with the tool «Polygonal lasso». Next, click "Add a layer mask." Glare, which does not pass through the ring, our mask will hide. It is necessary to remove the connection of the layer with the mask by clicking on the icon in the form of a clip. Activate "Flare2" and select the inner part of the ringlet, click "Add layer mask". Again, click on the "clip".
Create a new layer “Flare3”.Select the menu Edit -> Run Fill. Fill color set to gray 50%. Next we head to Filter -> Rendering -> Glare and change the parameters until we reach the desired result. Now we shift the highlight to the left and up the ring. This layer is copied and the new layer is named “Flare4”. Rotate the highlight to 65 ° (Edit -> Free Transform).
Open the animation panel or go to ImageReady. For layers "Flare3" and "Flare4" turn off visibility. Activate the first layer (it is the layer, not the mask). And shift the highlight to the left with the “Move” tool. We strive to ensure that the flare is completely hidden under the mask. Do the same with the flare on the second layer, moving it to the right.
Next we need to create a second frame on the animation panel. To do this, click on the button "Create a copy of the selected frames." We make the same manipulations with highlights, only the flare from the first layer is now moving to the right, and from the second - to the left.
Now select “Create intermediate frames”. Activate the second frame of our animation and for this frame make the layer “Flare3” visible. Activate the third frame and for it we deduce from the invisibility the layer “Flare4”.