How to make eyebrows?

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How to make eyebrows?

It is always a pleasure to look at a neat girl or woman. But what does the term “neat girl” mean? The first thing is well-chosen clothes that emphasize dignity and hide obvious flaws in the figure. But that is not all. It is very important that the face is also neat, and this, in the first place, is dull, well applied, make-up, clean skin, beautifully decorated eyebrows. Today in our article we will discuss eyebrows. But how to make eyebrows so that they look organically and beautiful?

How to make eyebrows

The very first thing that needs to be noted is this: how did you pull out your eyebrows before, what procedures did you do for them, was there a tattoo? Initially, nature created us a bit disproportionate: hands of different lengths, fingers of different thicknesses, eyes of different sizes. Your eyebrows may also grow differently. One may be slightly higher than the second, the length of the eyebrow may vary. This is almost imperceptible, but in matters of makeup, symmetry is an important aspect of success. You must understand that only Barbie dolls have the same eyebrows.But still, if you want to make yourself the same or mirror eyebrows - it is possible. There are several options.

If you have thick eyebrows, then you can pull out your thin eyebrows, taking advantage of the fact that they are wide. But if by nature you have thin eyebrows, then you can paint them a little and try to pull out the same way. Creating an image, do not blindly copy your favorite movie hero - be yourself!


If you seriously want to give your eyebrows a Hollywood look, we hasten to tell you that this is painstaking and constant work that needs to be done on time. And if it seems to you that this is completely simple, then you are mistaken. But after our instructions, your face will get a completely different expression.

It is very important when creating your image to pay attention to the eyebrows. It turns out that if you are doing your makeup well, but your eyebrows are not plucked out or have grown back a little, you still look untidy. It is up to you to pull out your eyebrows thinly, almost imperceptibly and draw with a pencil or simply draw up your natural form. It's up to you. But we advise you to maintain your naturalness. So it will be easier for you to keep track of them and usually what nature has bestowed upon us, is most suitable for us, this applies to the shape and thickness of the eyebrows.

To create the desired form, we must prepare:

  • pencil normal, for measurement;
  • contour pencil, contour in order to show yourself where there is excess hair, we will get rid of them.

You need to be completely calm while eyebrow shaping. A photo taken before and after the procedure will show the results of your work.

  • Take a simple pencil, keep it parallel to the nose from the edge of the "wing" of the nose. At the top you will see that you have hair growing on the nose and a little further. That's it they will need to clean up. Cook tweezers.
  • Next, take a pencil and from the same position of the “wing” of the nose, we tilt the pencil so that it passes in the middle of the pupil to the eyebrow. The resulting point is a point from which you will make your eyebrow more elegant, that is, make it thinner.
  • From the same position we deflect the pencil even lower to the corner of the eye. The second point of interdiction with an eyebrow will be the termination of an eyebrow. Excess hairs are also plucked. Here we have calculated the outer edge of the eyebrow.

Hairs need to be removed one by one, and not whole bunches. The fact is that by removing several hairs at once, you risk injuring the skin of your face. Plus, you can just tear a hair and not pull it out again and then your eyebrows will grow much faster than you would like.

How to apply makeup on eyebrows

You can add that not only the shape gives one hundred percent beauty of eyebrows, the color of eyebrows is also important. After all, not all female representatives have a beautiful and intense color of eyebrows, not at all ... Most often the color of the eyebrows is a bit dull and not very impressive.

Although now the beauty industry offers us not only plucking, but also coloring and tattooing. We choose what to do. After all, it is our eyebrows, and we walk with them. And often we live in an ordinary city with ordinary people and therefore that which is beautiful abroad can be completely out of place in the homeland.

Eyebrow color selection

  • As usual, we make the color of eyebrows black. But it is best to choose the color of eyebrows 2-3 tones darker than our hair color.
  • Remember that on the dark skin the brows must be dark, otherwise they will not be visible.
  • If you are blonde, then choose an ashy brow color or brown, but in no case is it black, it will look unnatural.
  • Red-haired women fit golden, bright chestnut eyebrows.
  • If your hair color is chestnut, give preference to brow color.
  • If you have gray hair, it is preferable to do the gray color of the eyebrows.
  • When you color eyebrows, focus on the width of the paint, the eyebrow should not be too wide or thin.

Usually, eyebrows are painted using either eye shadow or a special pencil. It differs from the eyeliner in its texture, it is more dense and hard. Comb your eyebrows before painting. To apply shadows, use a brush with a thin sharp tip. Feel like an artist using strokes when applying shadows.

It is necessary to impose small portions to get a neat eyebrow. Excessive amounts of makeup can ruin everything. When you have rare eyebrows, it is better to use a pencil designed specifically for eyebrows. Draw not a single line, but as if the strokes look like hairs, this will hide what you have painted eyebrows. Use two colors. Lighter we apply strokes along the entire length, and in the darker we draw small hairs along the line of the lower border of your eyebrow.

So you learned how to make eyebrows beautiful. We very much hope that you have learned our lessons and will soon make yourself a high quality eyebrow shaping. The video presented on the Internet will also help you to visually learn this knowledge.The most important thing, once again, is to always be yourself and not be a “slave” of fashion and fictional characters from the movie screen. Remember that natural beauty is given to us by nature, and it should stay with us regardless of trends in fashion and beauty business.