How to make wine from cherry

How to make wine from cherry

How to make wine from cherry

Home-made wine is primarily a high-quality natural product, it helps to relax and get aesthetic pleasure.


Many beginners and experienced amateur winemakers try to make wine from currants or apples. But, what if you try to make a drink from a cherry? How to make a fragrant tasty cherry wine in ordinary home, we will talk today in this article.


Cherry Juice: Pros and Cons


Cherry is not in vain considered the second berry after grapes, intended for the preparation of wine drinks. The thing is that the juice from the cherry is perfectly fermented, and plus everything perfectly brightens itself.


However, there are also disadvantages of cherries in comparison with grape juice: lack of sugar and an abundance of acids, so if you use only cherry juice, your wine will be too sour and low-alcohol. The way out is very simple: use more sugar and water.


A simple recipe for making cherry wine


Prepare a 20-liter bottle: rinse and then dry.The 20-liter capacity will be enough for four kilograms of sugar and four kilograms of cherries. Rinse the cherry and remember with something solid (a wooden spoon or rolling pin). It is not necessary to remove the bones - you can leave them.


Put the cherries and sugar in the bottle, then pour about 2/3 of the water and cover with a lid. Make a small hole in the lid and insert a tube into it, and connect the other end of the tube with a three-liter jar into which you can pre-pour water. So you get a water slide. Let the mixture stand for exactly three weeks.


Be sure to check the condition of the tube - it should not be clogged with the mixture, otherwise the capacity may burst. If the cherry has moved down to the bottom of the bottle, then the fermentation has stopped, and the wine is ready! Bottled cherry wine and place in a cold, dark place. The more the drink is stored, the better its taste and healthy properties.


How to make wine from cherry


Homemade Cherry Wine Recipe


  • Rinse the cherries and remove the stalks. Then separate the bones from the pulp, but at the same time try to do it carefully, so that the juice does not splash.
  • Put a pot of water on the stove and bring to a boil, and then pour boiling water over the cherry. Leave the resulting wort for 3-4 days at room temperature.Then strain the wort through several layers of gauze, thus removing the remnants of the pulp.
  • Add sugar and lemon juice to the cherry mass. Pour the entire mixture into the bottle and make a water stopper (cap, tube, a separate can filled with water) or install a rubber glove on the neck of the bottle. Now you need to let the mixture stand for about a month. Every day, do not forget to mix the cherry mass so that it does not form areas with vinegar. So drink get more delicious and fragrant.
  • As soon as fermentation comes to an end, strain the contents of the bottle through cheesecloth or a fine cloth and bottle. Let the wine stand for 6-8 months in a dark cool room. Get a light table cherry 11 percent wine.


Helpful Tips


A few helpful tips on making homemade plum wine:


  • stir the cherry must, at least twice a day, to avoid the conversion of wine into vinegar. One of the main objectives of any winemaker: to prevent the appearance of "vinegar" bacteria and at the same time promote the formation of "alcohol";
  • Do not open the bottle frequently with a wort so that the air does not penetrate inside.The first week is better not to check the condition of the wort at all or to minimize it;
  • when bottling the finished wine, use a hose.