How to make a U-turn?

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How to make a U-turn?

Any car owner who drives his car has done more than once, and has made such a maneuver as a U-turn more than once. In the conditions of modern traffic, you need to be able to make a U-turn in order not to harm both your car and other cars. The article will discuss how to make a U-turn.

It should be said that the reversal can be done in many places. You may need to turn around somewhere in the courtyard, where there is limited space, on a narrow road, perhaps at an intersection. Depending on the conditions, the reversal technique may be different. And here it is very important to know how to make a turn. The turn can be in a circle and with a change of movements back and forth. In a circle you can turn around on a large space, that is, on a wide road or at a crossroads. The second option in a confined space.

Basic reversal rules

So let's get down to the turn technique. Before any turn, you will need to do a road analysis,that is, to check whether there are cars on the road, and also to imagine how you will need to turn around, exactly how you will need to go. Consider how to turn around on a wide road and make a U-turn at an intersection. Here you can turn around. Any turn is done at a minimum speed, usually in first gear, if there is a manual gearbox in the car. Further, there is such an important concept as a turning radius, or which circle you describe with your wheels when turning. Representing the turning radius, you will be able to assess which circle you describe with wheels.

Turning radius

It should be said that the turning radius depends on how many degrees the front wheels can turn. Of course, the best option is to turn the wheels 90 °. But in our practice, this phenomenon is from the realm of fantasy, because it is unprofitable to do this turning of the wheels, taking into account the space savings under the hood, considering the design of the steering mechanism, etc. The most common is 41 °.

As for the minimum dimensions of the turning radius, it ranges from 4.5 m to 6.5 m.Usually depends on the brand of car. If you know the turning radius of your car, then you only need to calculate the width of the intersection, or the roads and then you will know if you will turn in a circle.

There is still one nuance of the turning radius will be much less on the same car, if the turn is done in reverse. For better orientation, what a turn looks like in practice and how to design a turn, video on the Internet can show this very clearly.

How to make a turn at a crossroads

So, turn at the crossroads. You calculated the possibility of a reversal and presented the movement of the car in a circle. But there may be other cars at the crossroads. And to avoid collisions, there are certain reversal rules. Moreover, there are places where it is forbidden to make a U-turn. They are designated by special signs of a ban of a turn. Before turning, you need to take the leftmost lane, and turn on the left turn.

As for going to the middle of the intersection before the turn, it is better to make a turn, starting from the place where the intersection started. Usually it all depends on the size of the intersection.You turned on the left turn, but you can make a U-turn when you have an advantage on the road. What is meant? If the intersection is regulated by a traffic light, then you can make a U-turn on its green color, while passing oncoming cars. If you are on the main road, depending on the priority signs, or the road surface, you also need to skip oncoming cars. But, if you are at an equivalent crossroads, then you will make a U-turn, guided by the rule of the right hand.

If there are oncoming cars, then skip them, then you need to skip the car on the right and then make a turn maneuver, leaving us at a crossroads. A turn can be started from the right lane, but if the dimensions of your car do not allow you to do so from the left lane. After turning, take the right lane, because you have low speed, and you can interfere with other road users.

How to make a turn on the road

But turning on the road becomes much more difficult when there is not enough space to turn around. You need in this case, also turn on the left turn and reduce speed.Next, turn the wheels as far as possible to the left and turn the car until you reach the edge of the road. Then turn the wheels on the right and, turning on the reverse gear, drive back. And then the first gear and forward movement, with the wheels turned to the left. If these movements are enough for a reversal, then the reversal is completed, if not, then you need to repeat.