How to make a tie?

The tie is a subject of a toilet, man's, and in recent years, and female, by means of which individuality is shown. The "correct" tie gives the appearance of completeness.

Modern tie, worn today, appeared not so long ago: the turn of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

A tie from the time of ancient Rome almost never went out of fashion. The following describes how to make a tie with your own hands, this is the best way to emphasize the unique style and personality.

Materials and tools

  1. Iron,
  2. Fabric (silk, satin, jacquard fabric),
  3. Scissors,
  4. Paper,
  5. Pencil,
  6. Needle,
  7. Threads.

How to make a tie: instructions

  1. You need to take a thick canvas, cut it according to the pattern of the tie. This canvas is needed to impart a tie density and maintain shape.
  2. Prepare a loop. Cut a strip of fabric width, which is 4 cm along an oblique line, fold it inwards with the front side, pin with pins.
  3. Lay the line in the center of the strip.
  4. Turn on the front side of the strip and iron.
  5. Prepare a tie for further processing. Break the seam on it.Secure the seam and iron the seam allowance.
  6. Embed in a tie canvas base, straighten the corners. Pierce the pins in the center to hold the part. Screw and pull pins. Draw the lines that will tie the tie. Similar lines to put on canvas.
  7. Iron the corners, put a corner of the lining on the front side of the base. Accurately align the corners by connecting with pins. Then pave the line, starting from the corner and to the edge of the cut. Take out the pins and iron out. The second side of the corner is stitched in the same way, then twist to the front side and iron again.
  8. Fasten on the basis of the edge of the allowances with pins, stab the middle with pins with patch seam.
  9. Sew a loop to support the short end inside. To this end, at a distance of 30 cm from the bottom of the wide side, mark its location.
  10. Sew a loop by hand, grabbing only 1 layer of fabric. From the top of the loop, make a one-stitch tack.
  11. Bind the edges together at the narrow end of the tie. Then wide edges.

How to make a bow tie with your own hands

  • needle (sewing machine);
  • fabric (satin, non-woven);
  • centimeter;
  • scissors;
  • button;
  • elastic;
  • thread.

Take a cloth, cut a rectangular piece of cloth. For a standard bow tie, make a rectangle 15 cm long and 11.5 cm wide.

Next you need to give a tie shape. To do this, fold the fabric in half on the short side. In the presence of a wrong side - inside out. Sew three sides. At the same time leave about 2.5 cm on one side not stitched. Turn the future tie out face down through the remaining hole. Then sew this hole with invisible and neat stitches. Find the middle of the resulting rectangle and squeeze the bottom and top so that you get a bow. Sew it exactly in the center.

Sew a rubber band, then a button and loop it. Sew temporarily on one end of the gum button. At the other end of the gum loop for it. To do this, cut the gum along so that the button goes into the hole and firmly holds in it. Then brush over the edges of the hole with stitches. Check the size. If the length of the gum comfortable, then you need to sew a button.