How to make a route?

For many people, rest is a state of complete peace. Usually for this turn to tour operators who help to draw up a travel route. But, in the case when you are an ardent lover of outdoor activities, it is worthwhile to think of a rest plan yourself.

One of the most economical and interesting ways to travel is to drive your car. So you will not be tied to the program and guide and can visit all the places of interest to you.

Before you make a route, decide where you are going to go and collect as much data as possible about this country. Especially you should be interested in the law, because you do not want to break the law by your actions.

Visit several sites dedicated to rest in the country where you want to go. Read reviews of other tourists, they can give a lot of practical advice.

Having done this preparatory work, you can make a route by car.


The easiest and most reliable way is to create a route using an online map.After all, you do not have enough time to sit with a regular map and a ruler.

Many services provide an automatic navigation feature. Having driven the points of departure and arrival into the required field, for example, Google Maps, the system will display a list of motorways and means of communication.

There are also a number of services that allow you to pave the shortest path across the country.

Decide exactly which places you want to visit. And, having hammered into the field of destinations, the service will give out additional information about nearby settlements and ways to get there.

Rules for international roads

  • The main thing to remember is speed limits. They can vary greatly depending on the country and type of road. If this is a high-speed track, then the minimum and maximum speed will be higher there than when driving directly through the city.
  • It should be generally aware of the rules of the road and have international rights. So it will be easier to explain to you with road services during the passage of checks.
  • It is also worth remembering that in most countries of Europe, in the USA and Canada, the full technical equipment of your car is mandatory.Unfastened seat belt or lack of it, broken headlights and not working "turn signals" will cause the proceedings.
  • In many countries of the world, motorways, special tunnels or crossings are chargeable. Before you enter this section of the road, you must pay the specified amount in a special unit or an authorized person. These are usually small amounts, so keep a certain amount of money in such cases.
  • The best time to travel is the day. In the evening it is better to refrain from driving on the tracks, because Autobahns have a system of side exits, which, if you are not used to night, you can not see and miss your turn.

Useful tips

Making a trip by car, it makes sense to make a route for overnight places and book them immediately. You can do this before you go to special sites. It is desirable to have a printout of the route with all the stops, because navigators or mobile devices may be lost, and you will remain unoriented in a foreign country.

The more such reserve documents and tips you have on your hands, the better.

Since you are driving a car, you should have with you an analogue of car insurance for a given country.You can receive or issue it upon receipt of a visa at the embassy or in a specialized department.

While plotting a route, also be sure to map refueling and service centers. After all, there is nothing more problematic than a car that has broken on the way.

For insurance, have spare tires and a number of parts that you can replace yourself.

When you arrive at the place and stay at the hotel or campsite, it makes sense to make a route around the city. Since arriving, you can see objects at the entrance that were not marked on the map, but which you would like to visit. You can go to the site of the hotel itself and see recommendations for excursions and self-study of attractions. It will also always be superfluous to check in at the embassy and notify your friends about where you are.

Then you can protect yourself from the consequences that are impossible to predict. Do not forget about safety, the behavior on the water and in the mountains, because you will not have a responsible instructor. Although, you can use the services of a private guide if you wish.

The main thing is that the rest brings you only pleasant impressions.