How to make a repost?

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How to make a repost?

Finding interesting material in one of the social networks you want to share a link to it, or, in modern parlance, repostnut. Repost translated to English means re-publish any information within one resource. Thanks to repost can be shared immediately with all your friends your favorite photos, news, articles, music tracks, pictures and other publications. Many are interested in how to make a repost in a particular social network or application?

Instagram Post

Instagram is a handy app for posting photos and videos. The standard interface does not provide the ability to make reposts. Created several applications with which you can post someone else's content on Instagram. The most convenient of them is called InstaRepost. How to make a repost thanks to him?

  • First of all, download the application to a suitable device, Google Play or iTunes services will help.
  • Run InstaRepost.
  • Click the LOGIN WITH INSTAGRAM button in the corner of the screen.
  • Sign up for Instagram, i.e.enter your account details.Repost
  • After the done operations you will be taken to the main screen of the application. Click on the person’s figure to find the photo you want to repost.
  • Select the “My feed” option to search by tags or users.
  • As you can see, the REPOST button is now located near each post. Click it.
  • Optionally, you can visualize the repost, but it is available only to those who bought the application.
  • Pressing the REPOST button will send you to the standard Instagram interface, where you can add the necessary image as a normal photo. And now the repost is in your tape.

Facebook repost

In one of the largest social networks reposts are very popular. Looking through the news feed, users rush to share interesting and useful information with friends. You can also repost publications that others have already shared. What you need to do to post on your page or in your group:

  1. After selecting the desired post, click the Share button next to the Like and Comment buttons. Now you need to understand the functions:Repost
    • Choose in the menu with whom you would like to share information.You can repost the post to your personal page, add it to your friends feed, place it on a page that you control, or publish it on a group wall.
    • If you wish, add your own comments to the post.
    • Address the post to certain people, your friends, or make it public so that it is visible to everyone.
  2. It remains to click the "Share" button, and the post will be placed where you wished.

Repost in Odnoklassniki

Open your favorite photo or record, and to the right of it you will see that you canRepostget a link to it, rate it by putting a “Class”, leave a comment and, of course, share it. Click on “Share” and the photo or recording will appear in your feed. You can add a description and / or comment to it.

Repost VKontakte

In the largest European social network repost is easy and simple to do:

  • At the bottom of each post Vkontakte there are two buttons: "I like" and "Share." Click Share.
  • In the window that opens, entitled “Sending a Record,” you can add a comment and select the desired audience, i.e. who you are sending the message to (friends and subscribers, community members, a specific person). Done!