How to make a remote control?

The remote control (remote control) is an electronic device through which the remote (remote) control of another electronic device (device) is carried out at a certain distance. The control panels themselves can exist both autonomously and non-autonomously (the wired version). From a design point of view, the console is a small box containing an electronic circuit, as well as control buttons and (most often) its own autonomous power source.

How to make a remote control

Such a unique device as a control panel greatly simplifies working with most devices. In everyday life it can be a DVD-player, TV, home theater and so on. Sometimes semi-professional and professional cameras are also equipped with a remote control, but the price of such a remote control is very high. How to make the control panel is discussed below and practically does not require a financial investment.

  1. Take the most ordinary flashlight keychain.Disassemble it until it detects a contact closure circuit activated by pressing the buttons back and forth. Carefully trim all elements that are not needed for assembling the console from the bottom. Glue 2 pins so that one is located on the bottom and the other on the “curb”. The function of the first contact will be focus. The second will take responsibility for the complete descent.
  2. Then attach to the power button a very small plate and spring. Moreover, this process must be done in such a way that, when pressed, the spring does not reach the plate.
  3. Solder both contacts in a good way. By pressing the button, the spring will always come into contact with the lower contact, while performing focusing. In addition, in this way the device will acquire additional rigidity. When the button is pressed to the end, a second contact will be clamped, prompting the shutter to work. Everything is soldered and the console is going.
  4. This will require a roll of electrical tape of a size that is equal to the diameter of the outlet of the wire. This is necessary because the wire itself is rather thin.
  5. Proceed to the construction of the most difficult part, which will serve as a connector for connecting to the device. After picking up wires of a suitable diameter, glue them together as required for high-quality operation of the device and for matching the console with your unit.
  6. It is better to bare the insulation on one side, as this will allow to connect the wires. Then you should put a heat pipe on top and pour it all with glue.
  7. The resulting "stuffing" now needs to be placed in a suitable case for it, which would fit in the hand. And then with the help of glue or tape, put everything together and the remote is ready.

Having figured out how to make a remote control, you need to check it for operability. So, you can find out about the presence of a signal from the console by looking at it through the “eye” of a video camera or digital camera, while pressing any buttons on the console. Consider that all CCDs of household photo and video devices usually recognize the infrared range.