How to make a pear?

If you want to do boxing at home: fill the brush, work out the punches, then you just can not do without a punch bag or punching bag. How to make a pear yourself from scrap materials - this will be discussed in our article.

Materials for making pears

Before you make a punching bag yourself, it is necessary from the very beginning to determine from which materials not only the outer skin should be made, but also the inner stuffing. It seems that there is nothing difficult in this. One has only to make the outer lining of dense fabric - and the end of the case. However, not so simple. Let's look at all the options for the proposed materials, before making a punching bag.

  • Thick fabric in several layers. Experts consider this option the most unfortunate. The fact is that the fabric has a porous structure, and no matter how dense it is, the filler will still wake up through it. And its mechanical strength leaves much to be desired. And this can lead to breaks, after which you will have to collect internal content on the floor.It will be possible to work with such a pear only with gloves, because if you beat it with your bare hands, then abrasions will instantly form on them and the skin will be torn off.
  • Tarpaulin. This material is better than the previous one, since the filling does not wake up through it. But still, if you really apply the canvas cover, it is better to do it in several layers. In addition, each subsequent should be 1 cm in size more than the previous one - the principle of the doll. This is necessary in order to hedge against the case that one of the layers burst. It is also not recommended to work with it without gloves.
  • Leatherette and leather. The use of this material is most justified, since it does not allow the filling of even the smallest consistency to the outside. In addition, its strength is sufficient to withstand the blows of any force. We also note that the training on this projectile can be carried out both with gloves and without them.

The best option is the combination of leather (top layer) and tarpaulin (inner).

How to fill a punching bag

How to make a pear at home, and what kind of filler is best for her? Most often use sawdust and sand.The first is used to make the projectile softer and lighter, and the second to make the punching bag tighter and heavier. Some amateurs recommend using pebbles in the inner layer, as well as other stones for weighting without sharp edges. There are even some boxers who use rice as a filler. But? still, most professionals and amateurs consider the best filling rubber crumb from old car tires.

Projectile making

Now we proceed to the crucial moment - how to make a pear with your own hands. In fact, there is nothing difficult in this process, you should not be afraid of it.

First step

The skin of the required size is taken, it is folded in half and two parallel lines are sewn. To shape the punching bag on one side of the rectangle, the corners are folded, which are stitched along an arc. It was an outer leather pouch. The next bag is similar to the previous one, but it should be 1 cm less than the first one. It is better to make it from tarpaulin. How to make a punching bag weighted version? To do this, you need to make a small third bag, in which stones will be poured.All seams should be sewn three times with a thick nylon thread. After that they are smeared with rubber glue.

Second phase

Filling a punching bag with stuffing. The smallest pouch is filled with stones and inserted into the middle one. The middle bag at the edges and at the bottom is filled with sand and stuffed into leather, which in turn is filled with sawdust. After a few workouts, when the sand with sawdust will fall down, it is necessary to fill both that and the other filler. In the end, how to fill a pear, you decide. We can only offer you the most affordable and cheap materials and options.