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How to make a notebook on the rings

Notepad on the rings is very convenient if you have to make any notes and marks on weight. Sheets on the rings easier to turn and bend than the usual. You can also use delimiters if you plan to divide the notebook into thematic parts.
How to make a notebook on the rings
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You will need
  • Puncher, 3 holder rings, paper, pencil, dividers from an old notebook, scotch tape, decorative paper.
Take decorative paper and old waste separators.
Circle the contours on the back of each leaf.
Take the scissors and cut the encircled sheets.
Now cut out the sheets for the future notepad according to the pattern of each separator.
Use the hole punch to make holes, fasten with rings. Notepad on the rings ready!
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Helpful advice
Holders can be bought at a stationery or needle shop.