How to make a hair with a rim?

This summer, a Greek-style hairstyle with a rim on an elastic band came into fashion in Russia. At first glance, it is completely unclear how long hair rests on such a “light” device. In fact, to make such a hair is very simple, you just need to learn how to make a hair with a rim.

Hair preparation

With this hairstyle is very important that the bezel-gum is well kept on the hair, not slipped. Therefore, it is not recommended to do such a hairstyle on clean hair. Let after washing take a day or two. But if the situation is such that you need to urgently make a haircut, then apply mousse or styling gel on your hair, distribute it properly in your hair and dry it with a hairdryer. You can start making hair at once, but even in this case it would be good to twist the hair into strands and sleep like that night. Before working with hair a little nasheshite, focus on the hair roots. The entire length can be combed only lightly. The base of the rim (on the back of the head) can be fixed invisible, because it is in this place that he likes to slide off.

Work with hair

After the hair is prepared, we begin to gradually explore how to make a hair with a rim. We take the first side strand and twist it towards the head, inside, refuel it under the bezel. Do the same on the other side. Then take the second strand. It will already consist of the “tail” of the first and part of the loose hair. We also refuel it under the bezel. Then we do this with all the strands until we reach the back of the head on both sides. It turns out that on the sides we formed beautiful rollers from the hair, and on the back of the head - a tail. It should be twisted into a roller and fasten with pins at the level of a common roller of hair. The result will be a common, smooth cushion that will go from the temples to the back of the head, and will be a smooth curved line. All hairstyle ready! It can be fastened with hairspray; it will survive easily until the end of the day, even if you run and jump.

Romantic hairstyle

The most common hairstyle looks very romantic and takes a little longer. The first strands, which we must twist under the bezel, are left free, and the spin comes from the second strands.And now it remains only to curl loose curls towards the face with a curling iron. If you twist in the opposite direction, the curls will not look beautiful, will not lie and keep the beauty for a long time. And if you pick up a thin bezel with small rhinestones for such a romantic hairstyle, then you will get a unique look!

Twisted curls

And now we will consider how to make a hairstyle with a rim to create a somewhat naughty and windy image. The preparatory steps are the same, but working with curls is changing. Each curl must first be twisted into a braid, and then tucked under the bezel. The appearance of this hairstyle will turn out to be somewhat “disheveled”, but it looks very impressive!

Greek hairstyle with a braid

In this case, it is necessary to prepare the hair, twist the hair from the temple 10-15 cm under the bezel. The remaining part of the hair is simply braided into a braid of any kind - ordinary or French. This hairstyle looks very impressive from the front, and from behind - just great.

Hairstyle without twisting curls

In this case, the hair is prepared, combed, worn rim. Then all the lateral hairs are laid next to the rim, connected to the curls at the back of the head, then the whole mass of hair is twisted under the rim.Of course, this hairstyle must be filled with varnish.