How to make a compass?

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How to make a compass?

Situations when a compass may be needed may be different: lost in the woods, identified in a north-south apartment, put furniture according to feng shui. But, as always, at the right moment, “at hand” there is not something important, in this case a compass. What to do? Make it yourself. Below we describe how to make a compass and what is needed for this.

Making a compass at home

You can make two types of compasses - on the water and on the thread.

For the first option, we will need: a needle, a magnet, foam, a wide glass container with water (deep dish).

  • Magnet conduct on one of the tips of the needle, 20-30 times in one direction. So we magnetize it.
  • Making a compass needle. Insert the needle into the foam so that both of its ends peeking out of it. At the same time, our arrow should keep steady on the water, not turning over, that is, it is necessary to clearly find and establish the center of gravity.
  • We lower the arrow into the container with the water. It will begin to spin and after a time stop, the magnetized end will point to the north.

For the second option, we will need a magnet, a needle, a thread, tape, a piece of paper, a pencil, scissors and a glass jar (a 3 l can is suitable).

  • We magnetize one end of the needle.
  • Insert a needle into a piece of paper.
  • We glue the thread to the paper, tape it, the second end of the thread is fixed on the pencil. Equalize the center of gravity of our arrow.
  • We lower the arrow into the jar, and put the pencil on the support (the neck of the jar).
  • The arrow will start spinning, and the magnetized tip of the needle points north.

Now you know how to make a compass with your own hands at home.

Making a compass in nature

For this we will use the materials at hand. Of course, it is advisable to go hiking, hunting, mushrooming, put a wire or a nail, a piece of thread and a magnet in your pocket, but if there is no such thing, it doesn't matter. We propose to consider two options for creating compasses in extreme conditions.

First: we need something not big, metal. This can be a needle, a piece of wire or a nail. Now we need to magnetize one of its ends, how to make a part in the compass, the most important is the arrow, if there is no magnet? You can magnetise a metal object by friction.Rub it on hair or woolen clothes. Now we tie a thread to our arrows. Be sure to find the center of gravity and balance the wire, otherwise the result will be incorrect. Thread length must be at least 40cm. We take the second edge in our hands or tie it to a stick and place it on a support. After our arrow is twisted and balanced, the magnetized edge will point to the north exactly.

For the second option, we need a hole with water or a bowl. We magnetize one end of our "arrow". Take a leaf of a tree or a piece of bark and put it there. We drop it all into a puddle and see where the tip of the arrow points. There will be north.

As you can see, making a compass is not difficult in any situation; you just need to be smart. You can experiment to start at home. If something is wrong, type in a search engine: how to make a compass - video, and look. Now for sure, no questions left.