How to make a balcony?

Let's start with the choice of finishing materials, it is not necessary to use wood, now many use natural stone and ceramic tiles for decoration. And if the balcony is glazed, even cork cover. As for color, this is a matter of your taste, because a lot depends on what goal you are pursuing. If this is a place to relax, then you need to use bedding, calm tones, and if you want to select a balcony area, then it is better to choose bright colors.
As for the choice of furniture, ordinary furniture will not work. For a balcony, multifunctional and compact furniture is needed, it should also have moisture-proof and sun-protection properties, because you want the balcony to remain beautiful for a long time.
If you want to make a seating area out of the balcony, put a small soft sofa, install lamps, hang a couple of shelves and put books and magazines on them. On the floor you can put a couple of plants in large pots. You can also put a small table with chairs, it is best to use folding furniture.
If the area of ​​the balcony is small, then you can make a summer terrace out of it, put a coffee table and a couple of chairs, which can be more beautiful than having a cup of coffee in the early morning sitting on the balcony.
By the way, many people make a working area from a balcony. To do this you need a compact computer desk and a pair of shelves or racks. Install the lamp over the table, put a couple of small beautiful plants on the windowsill and that's it - the workplace is ready.