How to lower ping?

In games that require connection to the Internet or server, the important role is played by the speed of the server, as well as the speed of its response to the player's actions. In such cases, too much ping can cause serious trouble, disrupting the entire gameplay. One of the most frequent questions of players is the question of how to lower ping in CSS, because this game, like no other, requires quick response.

What is ping

Ping is the time it takes to transfer a request from the client to the server and back. Measure ping in milliseconds (1/1000 seconds). Simply put, ping is the server's response time to a specific request.

In Counter-Strike, ping is often referred to as latency or latency (from the English. "Latency").

In the game, you can see the ping by opening the "Kill / Death Statistics" (Score). To call this menu you need to press the TAB key. During the game, you can see your ping by opening this menu and looking at the line with your nickname. The “Latency” column will display your ping.

To view your ping, without starting the gameplay directly, start the game and go to the “Findservers” menu (Server Search). The value you need will be in the “Ping” column.

If you wish, you can check the ping to a specific game server without starting the game itself. To do this, Windows has standard tools that do not require pre-installation, as they are by default in the operating system. This method gives the most accurate result.

To check the ping to the server, you need to know its IP address or host address. To check it, go to “Start - Run” and enter one of the two commands in the appeared window:

  • Ping (set the server IP address instead of zeros)
  • Ping x.x.x (insert server host address instead of x)

If it turned out that the obtained values ​​are too large, you need to think about how to lower the ping in kc for a more comfortable game.

We improve the Internet channel

You can lower ping in different ways, and in different situations they can give completely different results. We recommend that you try each one whenever possible and choose the best one for you. It may be effective to apply several methods at the same time.

The easiest answer to the question of how to lower ping is to improve the Internet channel. Typically, users with a dial-up connection (via modem) or satellite Internet experience significant ping problems.If you have the opportunity, change your provider to connect to the Internet using an ADSL or LAN connection. A dial-up connection at best gives a ping of about 200 milliseconds, while other methods of connection can reduce this number dozens of times.

Fewer routers

In essence, the entire Internet runs on intermediate routers, that is, servers. They are responsible for sending data between different parts of the network. It is logical that the more of them between you and the game server, the longer the signal will be transmitted and the more ping will be. That is why you need to think about reducing the number of routers in order to solve the problem of how to lower ping in CS.

First you need to check how many routers lie in the path between you and the game server. To do this, you need to use the standard tools of your operating system.

Go to the Start - Programs - Accessories - MS Dos command line. You will see a command line in which you need to enter the command

Tracert (instead of zeros write the IP-address of your server or its host address)

As a result, you will see the number of intermediate routers.To improve the gameplay, try to find a server with fewer routers - most likely it will help you reduce ping.

Reduce the distance to the server

This advice is very similar to the previous one, but there are still differences. It is advisable to choose those game servers that are as close as possible to the ISP whose services you use. Ideally, the game server should be located in your city, in your country or at least in the nearest country.

For players from Russia, this is not a problem, since there is one traffic exchange system in the country and any Russian game server will work fine.

For Ukrainian players, this is an essential task, since there are two different traffic exchange networks in Ukraine. At the same time, which is very strange, they are not interconnected. Traffic from one network to another goes through German servers, so ping is very large. That is why the Ukrainian players need to look for the nearest server, which, moreover, uses the same traffic exchange network as their Internet provider.

Connection speed

In fact, the speed of the Internet connection does not affect the ping, since these two concepts are simply not related.However, if for any reason your connection speed does not exceed 32kb / s, then it is not strange if you have problems with ping.

Fortunately, today most people have access to a faster Internet, so there should be no such problem. In any case, the connection with normal speed allows you to create the most comfortable settings for the game, which we will discuss in the next part of the article.

Optimize game network settings

You can significantly affect the quality of the game by optimizing the network settings of your game. You can talk about network settings for a long time, but we suggest you consider only those that will be useful to you in Counter Strike.

There are three basic commands that you will need to optimally adjust. These include:

  • Rate - with this command you can set how much information in bytes will be transmitted in one second.
  • Cl_updaterate - with this command you set the number of packets received from the server by the client. To determine the size of one received packet in bytes, you need to divide the rate by a given amount.
  • Cl_cmdrate - this command allows you to set how many network packets will be sent to the server from your computer, that is, the client.To determine the size of a single sent packet in bytes, you must divide cl_rate by the specified number.