How to lower blood pressure

Fight extra pounds, as overweight increases your chances of getting hypertension several times. Strive to ensure that your body mass index does not exceed 25. To calculate body mass index, you need to divide your weight in kilograms by your height in meters, squared.
Do sports. It is not necessary to register in the gym, it is enough to do aerobics at home. The load should not be too big, but it should be daily. As much as possible are in the fresh air.
Follow the diet. Do not eat fatty meats, broths, fat, oil, and spicy dishes. Add to your diet foods containing potassium, magnesium, calcium and fish oil. Eat more dairy products, vegetables, fruits, fish, herbs and nuts. Drink extracts of Hypericum, hawthorn, currant, calendula, rosehip and barberry.
Eat garlic daily.It contains a substance called allicin, which thins the blood and helps reducepressure. It is enough to eat only one clove of garlic. Cut a clove of garlic along in two. Swallow both halves and drink water. Eating garlic will thus relieve you of an unpleasant aftertaste and smell.
Limit salt intake. Daily count how much salt you eat. Carefully read the composition of the products, as you get 70% of the salt you eat from ready-made, processed foods. The daily dose of salt should not exceed 2.5 g - a little more than one teaspoon. If you suffer from overweight, the daily dose of salt should not exceed 1.5 mg.
Give up bad habits. Drinking alcohol or smoking can significantly increase blood pressure.pressure. In addition, both negatively affect the actions of the drugs you are taking.
Regularly measure arterialpressure. Elevatedpressuredoes not manifest itself externally, if it is not a hypertensive crisis. Constant monitoring of your condition will help you take certain actions to stabilize pressure in time.
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You can use the tips below in order to normalize your health and lower blood pressure. Draw a line that descends from this point to the middle of the clavicle (this will be almost a vertical line). In order for the pressure to return to normal or partially decrease, do not press or press on this line, but simply use your fingertips to run along it from top to bottom.
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How to lower the pressure at home? If you have high blood pressure, do not rush to take daily doses of drugs, as there are lots of other ways to overcome the manifestation of the disease, without resorting to drugs. What medicinal herbs are capable of such a miracle as lowering and normalizing blood pressure? Here are just some of the fruits and herbs that lower the pressure: Rosehip and hawthorn.