How to love God?

Igor Gorbatyuk
Igor Gorbatyuk
May 23, 2012
How to love God?

Many people wonder how to love God, and how should this love manifest? Let's try to understand this interesting topic. However, you must first understand one indisputable truth.

God loves all people

It is necessary to understand that God loves all people without exception. We are his creation, he is our Father. As you know, no matter how bad a son a son is, his father’s love is still endless and strong. So it is in divine matters: no matter how bad a person is, God still loves him and is ready to forgive all sins. Many argue that God is tired of loving us, but this is absolutely not the case. This statement has nothing to do with the real situation. God loves children, adults, old people. God loves strong people and the weak, all his children, regardless of gender, age, nationality and actions. To learn to love God, first of all, you need to stop doubting His love.

How to learn to love God: practical advice

To understand how to love God, as well as learn how to do it, you should pay attention to our practical recommendations.

  1. Read the Bible. Be sure to read this great book. There are people who re-read it dozens of times and always find new grains of truth. Read carefully, there is no rush to anything. Delve into what you read. Carefully study the scriptures and commandments of God. Re-read several times, make notes on the margins. Write out interesting thoughts and incomprehensible phrases to return to them again.
  2. Try to turn the knowledge gleaned from the scriptures into your personal qualities. Transform them and make a part of yourself.
  3. Remember that we are all parts of God. And it means that love of neighbor is love of God. Your heart must be open to good, sympathy and forgiveness. If you want God to forgive you for your sins, it is not enough just to repent of them. Learn to forgive the people around you. If, for example, you were rude or offended, try to take it as a test.
  4. Attend church and read prayers.
  5. Communicate with people who, like you, comprehend the Divine essence of life and try to sort out such questions. This can be done both in real life and through the Internet.It is good that now there are many sites and forums dedicated to Christianity. People can exchange ideas and talk to their questions without even leaving the house. The great advantage of such communication is that you can talk to a person who is very far from you.
  6. Feel free to talk about God in society: at work, study.

Remember that it is impossible to love God without following his commandments and the teachings of Jesus Christ. Comprehend His truths, love your neighbors, let in the good in your soul. And then very soon you will be able to sincerely love God. To love naturally and effortlessly. Love the way a son loves his fair and honest father.