How to love a boy?

He is sweet, polite, cute, but unfortunately not loved. But the question of how to love a boy, especially if in the heart there lives love for another, which you do not need, is asked by many girls. But, fortunately, there are several ways to turn the situation in their favor, and fall in love with the one you need. Of course, no one can guarantee the result, but it’s better to try than to sit with folded hands, and then bite your elbows for offense, and snot on the fist, at the sight of not being loved, but a very good boy hugging the other a girl.

We look at the boy with different eyes

Try to look at the boy who is in love with you with completely different eyes. You should look for his good side, look at his appearance. What do you like the most, and what - not very. Try to find similar features with the type of boys that you like, maybe it looks like a star that you like, why not fall in love? Maybe you have a common hobby that will unite you, and you can look at your “just” friend with different eyes. Do not doubt your boy, the same will make every effort so that you fall in love with him.

We try self-suggestion

Some psychologists advise to do auto-suggestion. You need to inspire yourself that you love him, and then believe it. This will seem difficult to many, but in the meantime, this is a fairly effective method, and most people underestimate the power of the subconscious. After all, if you strongly want something, and present it in the smallest detail, then it will definitely come into your life. And if it turns out with things, then surely it will come out with love. From you it is only required to imagine more often how you would behave if this boy were your lover. Just think about it, look at a few options, and then just do it. Believe me, the possibility of this love and she will definitely come, the main thing is very much to want.

Spending more time together

In order to fall in love with a boy, you need to spend more time with him. Go to the cinema, museum, make a raid on nature, go, ride on the carousel, it all brings you very close. You can even do your homework together, firstly, you will be able to explain each other if something is not clear, and secondly, the process itself will go faster. You can even work together on some school project,either in your free time you go to one section or, for example, to English courses, so you can also improve the subject, and the knowledge of the language is never superfluous.

And if it didn't work out

It may be that none of the above will help you to name my friend my favorite boy. What to do in this case? Despair is not worth it. Perhaps, over time, something will change, and you will realize that this is your favorite person. And maybe some time later, you will meet your Prince, who will love you, and everything will be fine with you. And what about your love friend? Of course, it's a pity, but you tried it, but it didn't work out, it means, so be it. However, it’s still not worth breaking up, it’s better to stay just like good friends before. Now you know how to love a boy, and what to do if efforts were unsuccessful, and you will rejoice at any outcome.