How to lighten your eyebrows?

Eyebrow lightening is not a fantasy, but rather a procedure that is quite popular among women of different ages. It is especially relevant for those who are constantly painted in light colors, because the blonde with dark eyebrows looks somewhat unnatural. In this article we will explain how to lighten your brows.

You can lighten your eyebrows both independently at home and by contacting a beauty salon. The effect may not always be the same, so if you are not confident in your abilities and abilities, it is better to consult a specialist.

How to lighten your eyebrows at home

For a start it is worth noting that the color of the eyebrows should be a tone or two darker than your hair, so the face looks the most harmonious. Therefore, before taking such a drastic measure as painting eyebrows, you can try to lighten your eyebrows with the help of decorative cosmetics. It will also help you to make sure that lighter eyebrows really fit you and allow you to achieve the desired effect: make the facial features softer.

So, if you are thinking about how to lighten your eyebrows, then you can use several ways.The first way is to apply on them matting powder, eye shadow, light or golden shades, as well as using a pencil for eyebrows.

If you finally decided to make your eyebrows light, then the following method is perfect for you - clarification with hydrogen peroxide. I would like to say that this method may be fraught with skin irritation. In addition, it is better to ask for help from your girlfriend so that you can lie quietly with your eyes closed when painting (to avoid irritation of the substance with vapors).

Let us dwell on how to lighten the eyebrows with peroxide:

  • Preparation for clarification. Pre-eyebrows must be cleaned of makeup (if any) and washed, then dried. The skin around the eyebrows is better to lubricate any moisturizer.
  • Application of the solution. The peroxide solution prepared according to the rules should be carefully and carefully applied to the eyebrows. Consider, if you apply the solution on the first eyebrow for a long time, then it will have to be washed off earlier so that the eyebrows are monotonous. Be very careful, do not let the peroxide in your eyes (here you will need a friend).To obtain the desired shade, it is better not to hold the peroxide for a long time at once, but apply it for a few minutes (2-3), and wash it off if the color does not suit you - apply it again, and so several times.
  • Removal of the solution. Rinse the peroxide thoroughly with warm water. Then you should apply a soothing cream in order to soothe the skin.

In addition to peroxide, you can purchase special paints and eyebrow brightening creams or for facial hair whitening. In this case, follow the instructions for use, as well as choose coloring agents with an eye on the quality of their eyebrows, their color. So, answering the question of how to lighten black eyebrows, you should understand that the exposure time will have to be increased, especially if the hairs are tight. Same as peroxide coloration. Do it in several stages, apply paint and wash off, if the tone does not suit - paint again. Consider that some paints lighten very quickly, within one minute. This paint should be applied for 30-40 seconds, and if necessary, repeat the procedure.

Also, women have a question about how to lighten eyebrow tattoo. And here you should not experiment, as at home it will not be possible to do this, you only harm yourself. Therefore, it is worth going straight to the same specialist who did the tattoo for you.And ask to correct something that does not suit you.