How to learn to save money?

Alena Mikhailova
Alena Mikhailova
October 23, 2014
How to learn to save money?

Many people complain about the lack of funds. In most cases they blame the employer who, in their opinion, is underpaid for them. That's just most often when you increase the income of money is still not enough. The thing is that people do not know how to properly distribute their income, and therefore they are constantly in debt. Below you can learn how to learn how to save money.

Science of saving

Many simply do not notice how to spend money for nothing, and in fact they could be postponed to buy a car or pay off debt. But if you use the tips below, you can save a lot of money.

Plan your expenses

To save money, you need to plan your expenses. First of all, you need to have a notebook or a file in which you need to paint all your purchases for a month. First write the amount that you will have for the next month, and then spend it on paper. Review your expenses, you may be able to reduce some items or even delete them altogether.So you can save and save money. During the month, you must adhere to the plan and not allow yourself extra expenses.

Use discount cards

You can save money with discount cards. Now almost every store distributes them for free. Moreover, the owners have the opportunity to participate in various promotions and buy goods at special prices. It is only necessary to pay attention to the offers of shops and purchase the necessary goods at a lower cost.

Many do not like credit cards, and in fact thanks to them they will be able to save money as well. So, many banks give bonuses if a person makes a purchase in a particular store. You can get a discount from 5 to 15%.

Spending money wisely

To save well, you need to spend your money rationally. So, many are chasing the latest innovations of various gadgets that come with enviable regularity. However, you need to look at your old device and compare it with a new one. Perhaps, the design will win the last one, but in function they will differ little from each other. For this reason, it is better to abandon the purchase and use the older model.

You can also save on lunch: do not go to restaurants and cafes, because it is much cheaper to take lunch with you. It will be even better for your stomach, because you will eat healthy foods.

Try to buy clothes on sales. So you can save at least 50%. Of course, it will not be very fashionable, but you can buy classic models, which are always in the top.