How to lay the floor

Prepare the boards of the desired size. At the bottom of each board with a cutter must be cut along the furrow depth of 2 mm. The furrow allows you to make the board grip more dense, and it also provides a more stable air circulation inside the floor to prevent mold, excessive moistening or excessive drying of the boards.
When laying the floors, place a small groove of 1-1.5 cm between the wall and the first edge of the board. Subsequently, the boards will disperse a little, and the inserted groove will give them a margin of space for divergence. Nail the board with nails 4-5 cm long to the lag.
Drive 2 nails into each lag, hammering them tightly - so that the caps drown into the tree for 2-3 mm. This will facilitate the alignment and impregnation of the boards. Before painting and varnishing irregularities in the area of ​​the nail heads, apply a wood putty. Each next board attach tightly to the previous one and also nailed to the logs.
It is convenient to use boards prepared in advance for laying, on which there are already special grooves for fastening the boards to each other.Such boards simply hook on each other and already after that they are nailed to lags. Thanks to the fastening, these boards are less deformed and provide a more uniform flooring with greater resistance to atmospheric humidity and dryness.
Lay the last boards in such a way that 10-15 mm of free distance remains to the wall. After finishing the laying and beating the coating with a hammer through a wooden lining, gaps between the boards are allowed, not exceeding 1 mm in width.