How to find out the proxy?

Sergey Alexandrov
Sergey Alexandrov
January 14, 2013
How to find out the proxy?

A proxy server or just a proxy is used most often when they do not want the computer’s IP address to be determined, i.e. user has anonymity online. For such anonymous work on the Internet, you need to find the server you need to configure your browser by entering the proxy address, as well as its port. For this you need to have an idea how to find out the proxy.

Proxy servers are divided into several types: anonymous, transparent and highly anonymous.

  • Anonymous hide your ah-pee, but show that you are using a proxy, which may cause you some suspicion, especially when shopping online.
  • Transparent proxies do not hide your IP, but leave another on the website. This is useful if you are “banned”, and you really want to go to this Internet resource or simply need it.
  • Highly anonymous or so-called elite proxy servers exclude the possibility of determining their use, it is impossible to determine neither your IP, nor the fact that you entered the Internet through a proxy.

We recognize our proxy server

For users of the corporate network, how to find out your proxy server is not something difficult. Just go to the "Control Panel", then "Network Neighborhood", on the "Local Area Connection" icon, right-click and select the "Properties" item. Then scroll through the list of "Components used by this connection" to the bottom and select the "Internet Protocol TPC \ IP" and click the "Properties" button. On the "General" tab, we see if there is a check mark on the line "Obtain an IP address automatically", then you do not use a proxy, and if the check mark is set to the line below and there are digits like instead of 192.168.0 in the active fields, then This means that you are online using a proxy. The first type of numbers is your proxy server.

There is another way to find out the proxy port. There are many sites on the Internet that test your connection and give out all the information about it. To do this, write in any search engine "Learn your proxy" and click on the link. You may need to press the "Test" button or something similar.

What to do if you could not find out the proxy by yourself? In this case, contact the system administrator who serves your network and he will tell you how to know the port of the proxy server.

Proxy settings

The setting below applies to all browsers. So, in the "Control Panel" open "Internet Options", go to the "Connections" tab. If you are connected using a modem or Bluetooth, then select your connection and click "Settings". If you are using a local connection, then without a choice, immediately press the same button. To connect via modem, select your connection and tick "Use proxy for this connection" and enter the address and port. Local network connection is the same: put a tick and drive in the address and port.