How to knit loofah?

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How to knit loofah?

Hearing the question of how to knit a washcloth, many will say: why engage in such handicrafts, when the stores are full of products of this type. And they are completely different, both in form and in production materials. However, we are not looking for easy ways. This article will discuss how to independently create such a seemingly simple and ordinary object as a sponge.

Knit washcloth: stages

Perfectly clean the washcloths, knitted from synthetic materials. Moreover, due to the large selection of threads, they can have different colors, which allows you to create products that are ideally suited to the overall design of the bathroom. In order to knit a sponge, scissors, a crochet hook, synthetic threads and a ruler are required. If the latter is not, you can use a ballpoint pen.

The first stage: what I want

Before you take up work, you must clearly define what type of washcloth you want to tie. So, you can make a great product with two handles for the shower or a simple round analogue for washing dishes.To create a dish washcloth, it is desirable to use tighter threads. They will ensure the durability of the product. As for the shower washcloth, it is better to knit from softer threads. Otherwise, during the shower, this washcloth will scratch the skin.

Second stage: mating

Once you have decided on the purpose of the product and the type of thread, you should proceed directly to the binding. To do this, take a hook, thread and start to knit a chain of air loops. The chain must be closed in a circle and knit several rows of single crochets. Having created 3-4 rows in this way, we proceed to the knotting of the fringe.

The third stage: fringe

Continuing the story of how to crochet a washcloth, you need to talk more about the fringe. So, to create it you need a ballpoint pen or a ruler. Depending on what you have taken, the length of the fringe will vary. So, if you plan to do it using a ruler, it will turn out to be somewhat longer, the handle - in short.

Knit fringe need from the wrong side. Throw the thread on the ruler, then tie the column without nakida. Thus, the loop will be fixed.Keep up the good work throughout the row. As soon as the row ends, the next one should be knitted with ordinary single crochets.

If you plan that the fringe is not frequent, you need to knit several rows between the fringe of a regular viscous one. After this we repeat the actions with the ruler and again create a fixing row. Thus, the bast of the necessary length is knitted.

Then the fringe is turned on the front side. If necessary, handles are imposed on both sides. After that, the thread is cut and tucked inside.

Now the washcloth is ready and you can safely try it in the kitchen or in the bathroom. On the Internet, you can even see how to knit loofah. The video will allow to review the process in more detail and understand the subtleties of creating this product.