How to knit from fur?

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How to knit from fur?

It turns out that fur can also be knitted, and as a result very original and cozy things are obtained. But first you need to learn how to knit from fur correctly, how not to spoil the material and prepare for knitting.

Fur threads and ribbons

Before you start knitting, you need to prepare a fur ribbon. To do this, there are two ways: buy ready-made tape in a specialized store or make it yourself. You also need to choose between a fur ribbon and a thread. The fur thread is a twisted strip of fur. Fur tape - flat strip. The appearance of the finished item will depend on your choice.

Ribbon cutting

Suppose you decide to cut the skins yourself. This should be done in a special way so as not to spoil expensive material. Sequencing:

  1. Choose a skin of suitable color and size.
  2. On the seamy side of the skin, draw a diagram of how you will cut it. Here you can not take into account the direction of the pile. But think carefully about how to cut the skin more economically.
  3. Take a sharp stationery knife and cut the skin. It is better not to use scissors and a regular knife, since you can ruin the fur. Try not to damage the pile.

How to choose fur

Knitting fur can be very diverse, since for him you can choose any fur. The final appearance of the product and its properties will depend on the choice of fur. Try to choose for knitting fluffy, shiny and beautiful fur. Things from such a fur will turn out just as beautiful. If you save on fur, then the appearance of the thing will suffer. This or that type of fur is better suited for different purposes, so the selection of material should be carried out carefully and carefully. For knitting, you can use old things that are out of fashion or partially spoiled.

Knitting technique

Learning to knit fur is a snap. You can easily learn knitting fur without video lessons and textbooks.

  1. Cut the fur skin into strips in the manner indicated above. If you want to knit from a fur thread, then twist each strip.
  2. Connect the fur strips together. To do this, they can be neatly stitched or glued.
  3. Fur thread is well suited for knitting.But if you want, you can combine it with yarn for knitting under fur. Thus, you can achieve an interesting effect and make things more durable.
  4. Finished fur thread can be knit in the usual way on the needles. And you can take a special grid, which will serve as the basis.
  5. If you choose knitting with fur as a grid, you can buy it in the store or crochet it yourself. To do this, you need to be able to make double crochets, from which you get an excellent grid.
  6. The resulting mesh of the desired size must be tied with a fur thread. You can simplify the process with a pin. The result will be a warm, but airy thing.

As you can see, knitting with fur is not so difficult, and the products are beautiful and original. Please knit handmade goods to your loved ones.