How to save hair?

Hair is an integral part of our image. Healthy, smooth and shiny, they are a reflection of a healthy strong body. It is very important to monitor their condition, as the improper handling of their curls leads to their damage and loss. That is why we will tell you how to save hair.

Health and Haircut

Many believe that if you cut your hair as often as possible, their health will definitely improve and they will grow faster. This is not true. You just make your hair shorter, and their future length does not change from this.

In fact, the length and thickness are affected by the condition of the roots, which is laid genetically, not depending on the intervention of the external environment. Good hair will be only when healthy hair follicles, which are located under the surface of the skin. Therefore, if you want to cut your hair only in order to make it healthier, you should not do this, if your tips do not split, then a haircut will be appropriate only if you want to change your appearance.

Healthy hair at home

  • Every day, drink a multivitamin containing minerals so your hair gets enough zinc and biotin.
  • Do not brush your hair long and hard, otherwise damage the follicles. You only need to comb your hair as long as you build your hairstyle. If you have a brush with natural bristles, then you can comb it longer.
  • Choose only quality brushes and combs. Make sure that they do not have sharp metal or plastic teeth, because they lead to a cross section of the tips.
  • All hair products must also be of high quality. Do not save on yourself! Cheap shampoos and conditioners contain chemicals and caustic ingredients, for example, ammonium sulfate, which dries the scalp and hair and damages the follicles.
  • Do not overtighten your hair with rubber bands or barrettes.

If the tips split

Loose tips are different from the roots. Hair splits, because at the base of the scaly layer includes 6-10 so-called "bricks", and near their tips there are only 2-3.

What to do? The secret of healthy hair in this case lies in the use of proper balms and conditioners.Quality tools envelop and glue the "bricks". From this scaly coating thickens. Rinse the hair with cool water and dry in the direction of growth.

Static hair electricity

Owners of normal or dry hair often complain of static electricity. This is due to the caps of wool, temperature drops (warm indoors, cold outside) and dry air.

This problem will help to solve all the same good hair conditioners. Also replace the comb with a wooden comb or antistatic plastic comb.


Most often, dandruff occurs with the arrival of spring. This is due to the lack of oxygen (long office work, wool cap, dry air from the air conditioner). Dandruff is also provoked by stress, hormonal imbalance, excessive fatigue, unhealthy diet, eating large amounts of carbohydrates, seasonings, fats, changes in climate, etc.

Dandruff is of two types: fat and dry. From greasy dandruff hair fall out, and from dry - lose their shine. That is, any dandruff spoils your hair. How to protect yourself from the negative effects of white "flour"?

  • Use medicated anti-dandruff shampoos, folk remedies and mask preparations.
  • Forget about styling brushes and hair dryer, dry your hair only in a natural way.

If hair falls out

In spring, the bulbs become weak from a lack of vitamins and nutrients. Due to the fact that the bulbs are loosened, hair falls out.

In this case, do not be afraid and think that you have started balding. It is only important to take timely action. Use special systems for hair loss. They can be bought at the pharmacy. They will improve the hair structure and strengthen the root bulbs.

Hair drying

It is equally important to be able to dry wet hair properly. It is better not to use a hair dryer, and replace it with a towel. Ironing is also not recommended. If you absolutely can not do without a hairdryer, then at least press the cold mode button.

Never brush your hair during drying. If, of course, you have a very important date, then you can “spoil” your hair once, but this is not possible every time, if you want to save a luxurious mane.

Grandma's Tricks

How to keep your hair can tell us the popular recipes.

  • In early spring or late autumn, dig out fresh burdock roots for one year, rinse them under running cold water and squeeze juice from them. This must be done very quickly, without waiting until the roots begin to oxidize in air and turn black. 2-3 times a week, rub this juice in the roots.
  • 0.5 kg of cucumbers, only plucked from their own garden, improve hair growth.
  • Knead 2 tablespoons of honey in 1 liter of boiled water. Stir and rub this liquid 2 times a week into the roots. This will not only strengthen your hair, but also contribute to their growth.

Monitor your health and the condition of your hair.