How to issue a receipt?

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How to issue a receipt?

Sometimes in life there are such situations when it is necessary to draw up a receipt for making various transactions (transferring money in debt, receiving money for a car, no claims, etc.). How to issue a receipt, you will learn from our article.

A receipt is a document that confirms the receipt of money, documents, property, goods or the provision of services or obligations.

How to make a receipt

Usually the receipt is made by hand. In case of need for a trial, a properly executed receipt is legally binding.

Details of the document

  • Name - "Receipt";
  • Content:
    • personal information of the compiler: name, date of birth (optional), passport data (series and passport number, issuing authority and date of issue), address of registration and actual place of residence, telephone number for communication (optional).
    • personal information of an individual or legal entity that transfers something for use: full name, for a legal entity - the name of the organization and position, date of birth (optional),passport data, the address of registration and the actual place of residence or the legal address of the company, telephone number for communication (optional).
    • further, the fact of transfer of funds or other property is recorded and the amount is indicated (both in figures and in words) or the fact of rendering the service.
    • if desired, the date of return of funds / property.
  • Optionally, the city of drawing up the receipt;
  • On the left side is the date of the document, and on the right is the signature of the originator.

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Advice when making receipts

If you do not trust the person to whom you transfer your property, then invite a few outsiders as witnesses at the time of the transaction. When transferring the case to court, these people will be invited to the meeting room to confirm the act of transfer of property.

In this case, the witnesses at the end of the document register their data: full name, passport data, address of registration and sign.

Filling forwarding receipt

Forwarding is called a receipt that certifies the fact that the freight forwarder received the goods from the client for the implementation of the freight.

It should be noted that this type of receipt has an approved form, the form of which is filled in by the forwarder.

It is made in two copies: the original document is transferred to the client, and the second copy remains in the transport company.

Sample IOUs

Debt receipt is a document that confirms the fact of receipt of funds in debt.

This type of receipt is made by a person who borrows money (borrower) from a lender or lender. The document is issued on a sheet of A4 paper.


I, Goncharov Pavel Gennadyevich, passport: series 0000 number 000000, issued by the Internal Affairs Directorate of Kaliningrad on 01.01.2002, registered at the address: Kaliningrad, ul. Lenin, d. 52, apt. 126, residing at: Kaliningrad, ul. Watercolor, d. 38, apt. 168, received a loan from Evgenia Andreevna Kuznetsova, passport: series 3268 number 659836, issued by the Internal Affairs Directorate in Kaliningrad on July 16, 2005, registered at: Kaliningrad, ul. Aivazovsky, d. 67, apt. 133, residing at: Kaliningrad, ul. Leonid Andreev, 7, apt. 143, 150 000 (one hundred and fifty thousand) rubles of the Russian Federation until January 1, 2016 (the first of January two thousand and sixteenth year).

Kaliningrad, November 01, 2014 Goncharov


  1. Petrova Zinaida Ivanovna, passport: series 0000, number 000001, issued by the Department of Internal Affairs,Kaliningrad March 25, 2001, registered at: Kaliningrad, ul. Aivazovsky, 33, apt. 117.
  2. Sergeyev Maxim Mikhailovich, passport: series 0000, number 000001, issued by the Internal Affairs Directorate of Kaliningrad on February 18, 2000, registered at: Kaliningrad, ul. Bakhchisarayskaya, 17, apt. 220