How to get a child passport?

By law, every citizen of the Russian Federation, even if it is a newborn child, must have an international passport when crossing the state border. More information about why a child needs a passport can be found in our article: "".

The reasons why people go abroad may be different. Among them are the following: rest at one of the European resorts, the need for treatment abroad, the provision of work to parents or study of some of them and others. In all cases it is necessary to issue a passport, and if with adults everything is more or less clear, then how to issue a passport to a child?

Where to go?

If you plan to relax and book a tour in a travel company, then it should take care of the execution of all documents and passports including. If you plan to travel outside of Russia on your own, you will have to contact the Department of the Federal Migration Service at the place of registration of the parent who is applying.

If registered in different cities of the parents and the child, the passport is issued at the place of registration of the parent who submitted the application, and the address of the child�s registration does not matter. Read more about how to enter a child in the parents' passport, read the article "How to enter a child in the passport?".

It is not necessary that the child was present at the paperwork, one of the parents who submits the application is enough. You can also issue a passport to the child via the Internet.

Package of documents

Documents required to obtain a child's passport:

  • �application form of the parent or guardian of the child, if the parents are absent;
  • �child's birth certificate (original and photocopy). If there is a stamp in this document confirming the child�s citizenship, then this document will be sufficient; in the absence of this seal, you must submit a separate document on the citizenship of the Russian Federation;
  • �passport of the legal representative of the child and his photocopy;
  • �Photos of a child measuring 3.5 x 4.5 cm on four pieces of matte paper;
  • �a receipt confirming that the state duty has been paid.

In the event that the names of the child and the parent who signs the questionnaire and submits their documents do not match, you must submit documents that confirm the relationship, and their photocopies. This may be a document on adoption, marriage or divorce certificate and others.

Types of children's international passports

Today, you can get a children's passport, valid for five years, the so-called old-style passport, and a biometric passport, which will be valid for ten years. The latter is called the passport of the new sample.

If a passport is required for children between fourteen and eighteen years old, the original and a photocopy of the child�s internal Russian passport, if any, should be added to the above documents; if the child had a passport, you must provide a copy of it.

We have already found out that there must be a passport for the child. How to arrange it, you also know. Do not forget that only the parent who signed the application form for the issuance of this document can receive it.