How to interest a child?

Every child wants to go to school. Unfortunately, this desire begins to fade with time, and the process of learning ceases to seem so interesting. Parents begin to make efforts to send the child to school. In the morning to raise your child out of bed, you have to persuade and promise to buy, for example, a toy, but this does not last long. Disappears desire, motivation, effort. How to interest the child to study in this situation?

Each parent must understand that their child is an individual person, so you should not educate him according to the same principles that you brought up yourself. Nobody teaches us to raise our children, we have to learn it ourselves, and constantly, every day and every minute. It is better to start from birth or even before it.

Most often, children go to school without any knowledge base. Now the rules of recruitment are changing, only guys who have a certain training are accepted. Need to be able to read and count. Some parents send their children to school very early, when they are not even six years old.They believe that this will be a spare year to go to college, but they do not take into account the negative consequences of such measures. Interested in a child of 6 years of study is difficult due to physiological and age characteristics. The child is not mature enough, he is more interested in the game, not learning. It is still difficult for him to sit still, do his homework, listen attentively to the teacher. Natural thirst for games will not allow to concentrate on studies; lessons will be perceived as an obstacle to the game, which will form a negative attitude towards school and learning. Do not rush, even if the child is very capable.

But now the school time has come, the child does not want to go to school, and you still do not know how to interest him. You should not resort to punishment, you will not be able to make your child love to study. There is a risk that all sciences will soon become disgusted; you must help prevent this. Maybe once you, too, forced yourself to learn, do not forget about this and that then you might be interested.

How to interest a child?

  • Aerobatics is to be able to open the child’s interest and love for knowledge itself, for something new, for the discovery of the world. To interest the child in reading, show by example how you like to read and gain knowledge.Go together to galleries, museums, concerts and exhibitions, then do not forget to discuss them. Maintain the curiosity of the child, his desire for everything new, for knowledge.
  • Be present at homework, even if you are doing something else. The main thing is not to do the homework yourself, if your child has already moved to the second grade, he must learn independence.
  • Praise the child. Notice every, even a small victory, it will give him an incentive to continue teaching.
  • Do not forget about motivation. It seems to all schoolchildren that their education is necessary for parents, and not for them. Ask what items he likes, what he wants to become in the future. So you can explain to the child that gaining knowledge, he goes to his dream.
  • Be a friend to your child. Do not spoil, but do not punish too much. The main thing is sincere conversation and communication.
  • If you have problems with classmates, try to help solve them, otherwise you might suddenly become hateful of school.

Today, knowledge of languages ​​is very important. To interest the child in English, connect the game. Use the TV and computer as a learning tool.Watch cartoons and children's films in English. Live conversation in them will contribute to the development of memorization and pronunciation skills, to consolidate the learned vocabulary. Everything is perceived with ease as a simple game. There are many special training programs in which the necessary methodologies are laid. Observe their frequency and develop children's interest.

What not to do

  • Give material rewards for good grades. You do not want to develop a consumer attitude towards a child’s life and self.
  • Apply extreme methods of punishment, intimidate. Children are more likely to be afraid of you, and there will be disgust for learning.
  • To cause negative emotions by restrictions, categorical and conditions.
  • To force a child to strive for good grades, he must learn not for their sake, but for the sake of knowledge.

Show your baby that he is capable of much, let him believe in his strength and achieve the impossible!