How to install Windows on a tablet?

The number of tablet users is increasing every day. At the same time, the number of issues related to tablet software, which are an alternative to a PC, as well as the installation of certain programs and drivers, is also increasing. Many users are accustomed to the Windows operating system, and after purchasing a tablet they do not want to give it up. But at the same time, they cannot use it, since the majority of these devices work on Android or Linux OS (present in more modern models). If you don’t know for sure whether you can work on the Android operating system and don’t know how to install Windows on the tablet, we recommend buying models with this operating system right away.

Parameters for installation

Before you install Windows 8 on the tablet, you need to know the parameters of your device. So, the installation of this operating system is possible if:

  • Tablet supports i386 architecture
  • AMD or VIA, Transmeta or IDT processor is installed in the tablet
  • You have the Windows 8 installation program on a bootable USB flash drive.
  • Do you have a USB keyboard and mouse

Without one of these conditions, you will not be able to install a new operating system on your tablet.

How to install Windows

To install Windows on your Android tablet, check how many ports your usb model has. If only one, then you need to use a usb hub. The order of installation of the operating system begins with connecting usb-keyboard to the tablet, and, in fact, its inclusion. After that, click on the start of F2 and go to bios. In the menu, select the download from the flash drive - set this option to the first position. Now turn off the keyboard - remove it from the tablet and insert the USB flash drive. If there are two connectors, you can leave the keyboard connected and insert the USB flash drive. The installation of windows on the tablet has begun.

At some point, the program will ask you to choose a language. At this stage, you need to remove the USB flash drive, because you will have to install a keyboard or a USB mouse. For many, it is more convenient to install windows 7 on a tablet with a mouse, so we will describe the process using it. Choose a language and install it. Now you need to insert the USB flash drive again, confirm the use of the license agreement by clicking on "next".

When you get to disk operations, you will need to remove the disk if there is no important information on it. In that case, if there is one, then transfer it to another. Create a new disk, format it. We use a usb hub, which will allow us to simultaneously use both a mouse and a flash drive. Click on the "next". After copying all the files from windows, remove the flash drive, otherwise, the program will start to be copied again and the operating system installed.

In the last installation step, you will need to enter a username. And you will enter it already using a touch-screen, which at this moment will be already in working condition. You just need to click on the place where you need to enter the user name, and the on-screen keyboard will appear on the field. We reviewed the installation of windows 7th and 8th versions on the tablet. Whether you can install windows xp on the tablet is a big question, since only the two above-mentioned versions of the operating system are installed on the tablet.