How to install on-board computer?

Irina Fateeva
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How to install on-board computer?

On-board computers are used to identify prominent and hidden vehicle faults. They allow the car enthusiast to perform repair operations in a timely manner. Thanks to on-board computers, it is possible to significantly save money on diagnostics in car-care centers.

Preparing to install

So, you decided to equip your car with such a device. Consider how to install the on-board computer. If specialists do not want to pay money, then you need to install it yourself. Let's move on to the installation process.

  • First we need to remove the negative terminal of the battery by opening the trunk. We go in the salon and remove the knob adjustment stove.
  • Next we need to unscrew the two screws. In the glovebox, we see two black screws, and they need to unscrew, then pull out this box.
  • Now we need to remove the front panel, pulling it towards us.
  • Remove the panel very carefully, as it is possible to break it. Disconnect the wires carefully beforehand.
  • The wires for connecting to the on-board computer are connected to the green wire of the fuel amount sensor.
  • Look, maybe you have a separate connector for the BC. If there is, then there should be no connection problems. But if there is no such thing or you cut it off, you will have to tinker with the wires.
  • In domestic cars there is a white wire data bus, and we will connect it to the connector in the car. How to do this is written in the instructions. Now we can connect the onboard computer.

Find out whether you can install the on-board computer on your car, preferably in the store.

Install the on-board computer

We put the mass of the battery back, turn on the ignition and wait until the on-board computer determines which electronic control unit to operate on.

After all this, we do everything according to the instructions:

  1. Set the correct date and time;
  2. Indicate how much gas tank we have;
  3. Specify the boundaries of warnings (this may be a warning �engine is warm�, etc.);
  4. We need to make sure that the on-board computer correctly determines the speed of the movement, because if it shows the wrong way, the fuel consumption will be shocking;
  5. Now adjust the calibration tank.At the time when the yellow lamp lights up - in the tank of 15 liters, we indicate in the settings. We refuel for a full tank and this is also indicated in the settings.

All. With the basic steps of installing an onboard computer on the car, we have read. It remains only to check, test the device, whether everything works. Also look at the computer settings on your own, because the on-board computers have a lot of possibilities.