How to install 1C Enterprise 8

"1C Enterprise 8" allows you to solve a lot of important issues in the field of management, accounting, production, reporting,. At the same time with this progressive complex is not difficult because of the convenience of the user interface and the wide possibilities of setting up resources.

How can I install 1c?

There are several ways to install 1c, each of which has its own specifics.

  1. A file-server installation requires the local grouping of several computers. In order for the machines to interact with each other, we connect them with a network cable. In this case, the database is stored only on the computer that is connected to the Internet. All other machines just automatically process the information.
  2. In a client-server installation, data is processed and stored on the SQL server.
  3. Another method involves running the file "setup.exe", included in the distribution.

What you need to remember to properly install 1c?

To install 1c correctly, you must install the HASP Device Driver without fail. This is because the local machine usually uses a USB dongle.
Registration of new information databases is done by creating a new or empty database, adding the existing database. In this case, databases can be sorted and grouped manually or automatically.
In addition, you should not forget about the regular update of the installed elements of the software "1C Enterprise 8". This will keep the software functionality up to par.