How to insert lenses?

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How to insert lenses?

Anyone who is just starting to use contact lenses is primarily interested in whether it is difficult to wear and remove lenses every day. But over time, you will not have any questions, so how to learn to wear lenses correctly is very simple.

How to use lenses

First, wash your hands with soap and water. Do not use soap with strong fragrances, the most suitable is an odorless antibacterial. Rinse the foam well and rinse your hands with clean running water.

It is not advisable to dry your hands, especially with fleecy towels. Use wafer so that not even the smallest foreign particles remain on your hands, since once on the lens, they will cause discomfort to the eye, it will be difficult to remove them.

With clean hands, remove the lens from the container. Ophthalmologists recommend making all manipulations with lenses with only fingertips. Try not to pick up the lens with your nails, as it is easy to tear.

Before putting on the lens, inspect it. Placing on the tip of your finger, bring the lens to the light. Make sure she's fine, t.E. It has no damage, it does not have small hairs and other contaminants. Also see if the lens is in the correct position. If its edges are curved (looks like a saucer), then the lens is inverted and cannot be worn. Make sure that the lens has the correct shape (looks like a cup) - the edges of the lens are directed upwards. And only after that you can wear it.

Do this:

  1. Place a lens on the pad of the right index finger.
  2. Pull the lower eyelid with the middle finger of your right hand and the upper eyelid as you like with your left index or middle finger. For a start, practice doing it in front of a mirror without a lens.
  3. Look straight, do not focus on the lens. Insert the lens first into the right eye, and then into the left one, so as not to get confused and not insert two lenses into one eye, and at first it happens.
  4. Blink if the lens interferes, remove it and repeat the procedure.