How to insert glass into the window

You will need
  • - window glass;
  • - tape measure;
  • - bead;
  • - chisel;
  • - a hammer;
  • - silicone sealant;
  • - construction gun;
  • - pliers;
  • - sharp knife;
  • - hacksaw.
Wear thick leather or cotton gloves. When working with glass, you must protect your hands from accidental cuts.
Gently glue pieces of scotch tape, masking tape or electrical tape onto a cracked glass surface. Unroll several newspaper sheets on the windowsill to avoid scratching the paint.
Now you need to clean the putty or remove the glazing bead, depending on what kind of mount is in the glass frame. Putty with a sharp knife or thin screwdriver. To remove it in places where it has dried and hardened, knock on the handle of a knife or screwdriver with a hammer. You can soften the putty with hot air from a hairdryer or a soldering iron. Remove studs or studs with pliers. Remove the bead by carefully hooking it with a screwdriver or chisel.
Pull the broken glass out of the frame.Pre-lay the sheets of paper on the floor or on the table, put the glass fragments in them. Wrap and take out the trash.
Strip the wooden folds in the window frame to smoothness. Nail fragments should not protrude, tubercles from putty or wooden burrs should be bristled. Work as a chisel, file and pliers.
Remove dimensions for glass. Measure the internal values ​​of the cleared folds. Subtract 3 mm from each size. This must be done to prevent the glass from bursting. Order glass cutting to your size in a special workshop.
Measure how many bead you need.
Buy in the hardware store bead and white or transparent silicone sealant. If you gently pulled out the bead when removing the glass, you can use the old one. When buying a sealant, pay attention to the instructions on the packaging. The window frame will be subject to large temperature differences, so silicone must be suitable. When using a compactor in tubes, you will need a construction pistol. Or buy a sealant, packaged in syringes, but it is unprofitable.
File a bead in the size of a hacksaw with small teeth. Fill it with thin window carnations so that when placed in a frame, the carnations run parallel to the glass.
Lubricate all folds with silicone sealant. Put a pair of matches on the bottom of the frame for the gap and install the glass. Gently press it to the frame from all sides, pull out the matches.
Nail the bead.