How to insert a girl?

Kristina Mamaeva
Kristina Mamaeva
August 27, 2014
How to insert a girl?

First sex - always intriguing, alluring and very responsible, both for girls and for guys. Young people are afraid to seem to their partner stupid and inexperienced, and, accordingly, disgrace themselves. Therefore, we will focus on a few points that will help guys feel confident during the first sex.

Where to insert a girl penis

Useful recommendations that will make the first sexual intercourse as comfortable and painless as you can find in our article How to insert a member. Here we will talk about how to find the coveted "hole", without blundering and at the same time giving pleasure to your partner.

The simplest, effective and efficient method is long and frank preludes. Oral caress will allow you to accurately and quickly find the place where the penis should be inserted. In addition, caressing hands will also allow to find the entrance to the vagina and at the same time also prepare the girl for penetration. They are especially important in the event that the partner, as well as you, is still a virgin.In more detail about how to properly deprive of virginity, you will learn from the article How to deprive a girl of virginity.

The best posture for the correct introduction of a member is missionary. The girl in this case lies on her back, her legs are either bent at the knees, or are located on the shoulders of her partner. In this case, the man can clearly see where it is necessary to insert a member. For accurate and accurate insertion, it is necessary that the guy directs the penis with one hand.

Knee-elbow is also a good option. In this case, the guy will be well seen exactly where you want to send your member.

But do not forget that it is important not just to insert a member into the vagina, it is important to take care that the partners do not experience discomfort during frictions, especially in the first minutes.

How to avoid discomfort

Sometimes defloration and the next few sexual acts are accompanied by unpleasant and even painful sensations, both in boys and girls. But they can easily be avoided: all that is needed for this is relaxation, the partners' trust in each other and, most importantly, tenderness and the lack of haste.It is advisable to use a special lubricant. All movements should be slow, careful, and the partners themselves should carefully listen to each other.