How to increase pushups

You will need
  • - Steps;
  • - basketball;
  • - two tennis balls;
  • - loads.
Apply available tools to the training process. Perform four sets of pushups for the maximum number of times. At first, 10�12 repetitions will suffice. Take the first approach, keeping your feet together on the floor. In the second - put them on a low step. Instead, you can use a basketball or bed. Perform the third set of pushups from a chair or chair. The fourth can do, with his feet on a low table. The higher the legs, the faster you will be able to increase the number of regular pushups.
Change the position of the hands - it will help to better work out all the muscle groups that are affected by this exercise. Place your arms wider than shoulder level to work out the broadest chest muscles. Or already - for its inside. But try to carry out mainly push-ups with medium arms to evenly pump the main muscle groups.
Use balls to increase the load on the pectoral muscles.You will be able to wring out more times if you balance on the balls during the exercise. Take two tennis balls and try to wring out, leaning on them with your hands. Do 10-15 repetitions. Use the basketball to narrow the hands. Perform about the same number of times and feel how tense the muscles are. Introduce these exercises in the training process.
Squeeze out with a weight on the back. The easiest way to increase the number of pushups is to do an exercise with a small load. Start with 5-10 kg and gradually increase the weight. Some athletes put their training partners on their backs. Do not force too much with large weights, because you can overload your back. Practice the above method three to four times a week. The result is not long in coming.