How to hold the plug?

Anastasia Pavlova
Anastasia Pavlova
January 29, 2013
How to hold the plug?

The rules of etiquette are not just created, they tell you how to properly hold cutlery during meals. When a person eats alone at home, then table etiquette can be disregarded. If you are visiting or at a secular dinner, then knowing these rules will always help you out of a difficult situation. After all, such a guest will show himself an educated and educated person. And in our time, the impression of human behavior, especially in the business sphere, is very important.

The most important thing in this business is to know how to hold a fork during a meal, since it is most often used during dinner. At the same time should pay attention to the knife, which is often a satellite fork.


  • Correctly hold the fork you need teeth down, fixing the position of the fork by its handle with your middle and thumbs.
  • The index finger helps to control the plug, pressing it from the top of the handle.
  • Sometimes a fork can replace a spoon if, for example, you have to eat mashed potatoes.In this case, hold the fork on the middle finger, pressing the thumb over the top, and the base of the fork rests against the base of the index finger.
  • How to keep a fork and a knife together? The knife is held in the right hand, fixing the middle and thumb for the side surfaces. The index finger presses the knife on top, and it is this finger that guides the cutting of food pieces.
  • In all cases, fingers that are not involved in fastening the fork or knife are pressed lightly against the palm.
  • If the dish is served without a knife, then you can do without it. In this case, hold the fork in his right hand.