How to grow a pomegranate?

Are you interested in a handicraft plant with an unusual name - "pomegranate"? You want to see him at home, but do not know how to grow a pomegranate? Our article will help you understand everything!

Pomegranate is a small sized tree (pomegranate family). The age of this shrub can reach up to sixty years.

The fruits of this plant contain many useful and healing substances. Since ancient times, pomegranate (pomegranate juice) has been used as a healing elixir.

So, how to grow a pomegranate? Pomegranate can be grown both with the help of seeds, and with the help of cuttings, but it is preferable to grow by the second method (cuttings). Pomegranate grown using seeds does not retain all the necessary properties, like pomegranate grown in the wild. Fans of exotic plants rather diluted pomegranate at home. In the apartment grenades can reach up to one and a half meters high.

How to grow a home grenade

One type of pomegranate, which is successfully popular among lovers of domestic plants, is a dwarf pomegranate.This type of shrub begins to bloom in the second year of life. A simple pomegranate blooms only in the fourth year of its life.

For planting a dwarf pomegranate, small but wide dishes are necessary, since the shrub has a surface root system.

For the growth of pomegranate, the composition of the soil is not important, the main thing is that the soil was weakly acid.

Pomegranate can be quietly grown without any anxiety on a windowsill, and you should not limit this plant in the sunlight, since the flowering of the plant will be much more abundant when sunlight hits it.

Pomegranate flowers have a bright red color, they are located throughout the entire crown of the shrub. These bright flowers are considered a symbol of strong love. Pomegranate grown at home is not able to bestow a large number of flowers on you. The diameter of the pomegranate fruit reaches no more than six centimeters.

No more than once every two years, you should undertake the formation of a crown of a bush. In the spring, you should make a small pomegranate haircut, and when autumn comes, it will become more thorough.

Pomegranate soil must always be wet. In the summer, it is advisable to keep the pomegranate on the balcony, and in winter, when the leaves begin to fall, move to a cool room with a temperature not higher than +15 degrees.In winter, the shrub is not fed, and in the spring, when new shoots appear, the dressing is resumed.

How to grow pomegranate from the stone

It is better to grow pomegranate using cuttings, but we are interested in the question - how to grow pomegranate from a stone? Cut the fresh pomegranate fruit, pick out the seeds and dry the seeds for about one day. After the stones have dried, soak the seeds in milk for the night. The next day, it is necessary to sow the seeds in a loose, moist soil and lightly sprinkle with earth. Then you should cover the pot with a plastic bag, place it in a warm place with a dim light to create a greenhouse effect.

After a couple of weeks, shoots will appear (white sprouts), now the plant will need more light. Polyethylene can be removed.

We hope we have explained to you how to grow a home grenade. Now everything is in your hands! If you have any questions about this, we will wait for your comments!