How to grow a beard?

The beard has long been considered a symbol of masculinity in the stronger sex. In addition, a well-groomed and beautiful beard can drastically change a person’s style, as well as add a little elegance or brutality to the exterior. Unfortunately, many men are faced with the fact that all attempts to release the beard are reduced to nothing. And there are many reasons for this: the vegetation grows poorly, the beloved scolds, it is impossible to care for the beard. However, do not get upset, but let's talk about how to grow a beard.

Determine the style and style of beard

There are many different types of beards. Surely, many of you have heard about French unshaven or beard-shovel, graceful goatee. In fact, just two large types can be distinguished:

  • Beard, adjacent to the face;
  • Beard free form.

How to grow a beard: the first steps

The beard of the first type is very small - up to 3 sentiments. To it can also be attributed, and "light unshaven," as, for example, Dr. House. It is for such a beard that you should learn how to care before starting to think about how to grow a beard large and beautiful.

If you think that the beard will grow by itself, and you don’t have to do anything at all, then you are mistaken. Even for a small beard need constant care. If the beard is rather short, then a rotary trimmer is best suited - it is able to align hairs of different lengths. They need to level the edges about once a week to maintain shape. By the way, a beard may not occupy the entire contour of the face. There are two main forms:

  • The beard on the entire surface of the cheeks is full;
  • Beard shaved on the cheeks - incomplete.

So, at the first stage it is necessary to learn how to properly care for the contour of the beard. To do this, make sure that the hairs were of the same length, and the contour was clear and symmetrical.

It is believed that the most practical is a small beard, it does not greatly change the appearance of a man, and care requires less than solid facial hair. But some prefer rather large beards. It is worth remembering that in this case also you should not forget about regular leveling, as well as about beard washing.

How to grow a beard: practical advice

In order for your beard to look thick and beautiful, you need to care for it even before it grows up. It is about skin care.

To make the hair on the face grow beautiful and strong, you should do a daily massage of the cheeks and chin. This will improve blood circulation, which means that the hair roots will receive much more nutrients for growth. Massage is done in a circular motion from the ears down to the chin and back. For the best effect during the massage, you can use different oils, for example, burdock or castor. But we will talk about them a bit later.

In addition, massage can be done even when the beard has grown a little. For this you can use special massage brushes.

If you are determined to get a beautiful beard, then you should not forget about washing. This is best done twice a day using a variety of shampoos for hair growth.

How to grow a beard quickly

For many men, growing a beard is a big problem. After all, sometimes hair grows very slowly. But in this situation do not despair. Here are some helpful tips:

Rub a mixture of burdock and castor oil. The finished mixture can be found in some beauty salons, or you can do it yourself - in a 1: 1 ratio. Rub oil should be 3 times a week.This procedure will not only improve the texture of the hair, but also significantly increase the growth of the beard.

Some home remedies will also help grow a beard. For example, mustard powder. Add it to the most common shampoo and apply on your cheek and chin for 15 minutes. If you have dry or sensitive skin, you can add 1 teaspoon of olive oil to this solution.

In addition, vitamins A and E also strengthen the hair and promote its rapid growth. It is best to take at once the whole complex of vitamins - it is contained in the drug "Aevit". Vitamins should be supplemented with increased calcium intake (it can be found in dairy products, eggs).

So now you know how to grow a beard. No need to worry if instead of thick and beautiful hair on your face grows only liquid growth. Daily care and care will help you!