How to go indie cat?

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How to go indie cat?

Fans of the “Three in a row” genre will definitely like the game “Indiana Cat” or as gamers called “Indy Cat”. This browser-based free arcade and puzzle game tells the simple story of the famous Indiana Jones, who became a cat and is looking for the coveted "tangle of Fate".

But to start playing the game, you need an account on social networks VKontakte and Odnoklassniki.

However, not every player can immediately understand the game or go through it completely, given the number of levels and secrets. We will understand together how to get an Indy cat.

Indy cat: passing

To understand how to pass the game Indy cat, you must first understand its device.

Gameplay of the game Indy Cat

The game consists of many levels, where you have to perform simple tasks like collecting gems of three, four and more in a row or at an angle. Thereby you will earn points and complete levels. Some levels will require ingenuity, as well as passing speed, because they will have a timer.

On the global map, you can navigate within countries in any direction. The plot of the game will lead you to several countries: Greece, Egypt, Japan and others. At the border of each country, you must perform special tasks to get into the country. A total of three tasks are given, one for each day. Consequently, it is possible to get to the next country no sooner than in three days. You can also send invitations to friends on a social network instead of tasks or open a passage using the “Bows” currency.

Also, to get to the next location, you need to collect a certain number of stars. Passing the levels as well as possible, you will receive three stars. If the stars are not enough, then you can flip the failed levels again.

In each game, you can also use special boosters, which facilitate the passage. They can destroy any stone in the grid or even a multitude of stones. It all depends on the type of boosters.

To facilitate the game, many gamers have come up with a few simple tricks and secrets.

Tricks and secrets of the game Indy Cat

To complete the game completely and without any problems, you will need lives, and you can get them by adding friends.By sharing lives with them, you can have an almost endless supply of lives and play as long as you want. Thanks to this you can not spend bows that you need to buy for real money.

Often the level is almost impossible to pass the first time due to unsuccessful combinations. Then the game each time will offer to buy bows or bonuses. However, with a huge number of lives from friends, you can pereprohodit level until it works.

In addition, bows can be earned by performing a simple task of publishing a message about the game on your wall or joining a group. Bows can be exchanged for bonuses, moves, time and life. However, players recommend to accumulate exactly the life that will always be useful.

Players also recommend a smaller use of bonus stones, which destroy the structure of stones. It is necessary to accumulate them at the end of the game in order to maximize the number of points received.